Drake's Super Bowl Commercial Got An Unexpected Reaction

Drake fans who saw the rapper appear in one of Super Bowl LV's funniest commercials are eager to see him get back to acting. You may not be aware that Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham (per Biography), got his start in acting before entering the rap game


Drake was on Canadian teen series Degrassi: The Next Generation for eight years (per IMDb). He played Jimmy Brooks, a popular basketball player whose life changes when he gets shot in a school shooting. He spends the later seasons in a wheelchair, where he turns to art and eventually, music. 

Drake brought his acting A-game for, of all things, a State Farm commercial. It's the company's first Super Bowl ad (via Sporting News). They didn't disappoint with some major celebrity cameos aside from the 34-year-old. Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Suns point guard Chris Paul, and Paul Rudd also appeared.

Drake is playing the stand-in of State Farm's star

Drake appears as the stand-in for Jake from State Farm in the hilarious commercial, which also sees Paul Rudd on deck to stand-in for Patrick Mahomes. "That's right, Drake from State Farm," Drake says with a smile in the commercial (per XXL Magazine).


The internet couldn't get enough of the rapper's appearance. Many people think he should spend more time celebrating his acting roots. "I would love to see Drake fully pursue acting when he's finished with music. It'll actually make me very happy," a Twitter user remarked

Other fans on Twitter poked fun that the commercial spot dropped before his upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy, which was due to come out last year but got postponed (per Variety). "Drake got free time to do super bowl commercials but can't drop the album that he said he'd drop 6 months ago... sigh," one user joked.