Matt James' Former Roomate Dishes On What It Was Like Living With Him

We're more than a bit obsessed with Bachelor star Matt James, so it's no surprise many of us would jump at the chance to be roomies with the former footballer and real estate broker (via Elite Daily). James has shown his warm heart and talent for good conversation countless times on The Bachelor, even laughing off awkward moments like all this season's crazy first impressions (a.k.a. contestant Kaili showing up in lingerie). But his former roommate is dispelling James' good-guy persona.

James' ex-roommate Sophia Shefner guest-starred on the podcast "Stay at Home Pop," hosted by Molly Ryan and Arielle Haller-Silverstone, and had more than a few unpleasant things to say about the Bachelor star (via Heavy). Shefner told the hosts that James was a "less-than-stellar roommate," and said that she no longer likes him as a person. She even admitted to them having a "falling out" by the end of their one-year living situation in NYC, and said James is "the worst" (via Screen Rant). Ouch! Shefner even said she experienced "disrespect" from the seemingly-perfect Bachelor, which has us pretty darn shocked.

Everything to know about Matt James' bad roommate behavior

If you thought Shefner's allegations were enough for some serious head scratching, those aren't even the tip of the iceberg. The former roommate went into further detail, and yeah, it gets even worse. She said James turned the shared apartment into "an unofficial Bachelor crash pad," inviting friends like Tyler Cameron, other Bachelor stars, and college friends without a heads-up (via Screen Rant). According to Shefner, James even gave out "20 copies of [their] apartment key to random-a** dudes he used to play college football with," so any privacy was out of the question (via Heavy). Moreover, she told the podcast she never knew who would be in her apartment — or how drunk they were — and that she didn't feel safe living there.

We're reeling at the news that James may be a little less than perfect, especially considering Shefner said James once told her "I don't care that you feel uncomfortable" and that he didn't "understand the issue" (via Heavy). Whew! And just another appalling story from her experience living with the Bachelor star, Shefner said a Bachelorette contestant once burst into her room at 2 A.M. and scared her accidentally, although she wouldn't say names. We're definitely shook that James might not be such an angel after all!