Who Is The Bachelor's Kaili Anderson?

While Bachelor Matt James' first night meeting his future dates had its share of memorable ladies, one in particular caught audiences' attention like no other: Kaili Anderson. To stand out from the crowd and hopefully receive that "First Impression Rose," Anderson introduced herself to James in a way that perhaps no one on the show has done before. She confidently strutted towards James like a lion hunting its prey, but instead of sharp teeth and claws, her weapon of choice was a cheeky lingerie number. "It's so great to finally meet you," Anderson said as she went in for a hug. "I've been sitting in my hotel room all day trying to figure out what to wear and I realized I don't know anything about you. What better opportunity to figure out what you like than to ask for your opinion on what I should wear!" She gestured to a clothing rack, bearing two dress options. "I think you'd look great in anything you wear but I kinda like the strapless," James replied. (Later, Anderson appears in the strapless dress in question). 

While Anderson did not receive the "First Impression Rose," James must have seen something in her that he liked, as he instead gives her a rose to progress — meaning we can expect to see more of this daring energy throughout the season.

Anderson might have been the one to start a tumultuous rumor about another contestant

Anderson, 26, originally from San Diego, CA, is a hostess working "in the club scene" in Chicago, Illinois. Her official Bachelor bio says that while she doesn't take life too seriously, she is serious about finding love. She considers herself to be "witty, charismatic, not afraid to laugh at herself," and is excited to introduce a man (hopefully James) to her family, who they will actually like — something she's not yet experienced (via ABC).

According to Bachelor Nation blogger Reality Steve, Anderson's "job has her being embroiled in a dramatic storyline this season." Trailers for the upcoming season tease rumors that someone in the group might be involved in escort work. Contestant Katie Thurston can be heard saying, "Well I've heard two different terms going around, I've heard 'sugar baby' and 'escort.'" Contestant Anna Redman adds that "she may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men." 

As usual, Reality Steve cleared up the details, clarifying that it wasn't Anderson's profession being attacked, but rather, that she was the instigator of the rumor against her fellow contestant — later revealed to be another Chicagoan, Brittany Galvin. Steve believes Anderson merely had inside info, due to her involvement in the Chicago club scene. 

She's a fitness junkie

In case it wasn't apparent from her lean, lingerie-clad physique, Anderson is a fan of fitness. An "amateur runner and cookie connoisseur," according to her Instagram bio, her account is full of workouts, thirst traps, and photos that show her incredibly chiseled abs off to her 26K followers. In her official Bachelor bio, Anderson says that she "dreams of completing an ultra-marathon" and that the man of her dreams should be "introspective, empathetic and can join her on her daily sunset runs on the beach, followed by a romantic picnic" (via ABC). We're not so sure how "amateur" Anderson is though, as according to Verywell Fit, an ultramarathon is "any race that is longer than a traditional marathon distance of 26.2 miles." We wish luck to anyone who ends up joining Anderson on that romantic beach run.