The Truth About Teresa Giudice's Kids

You may best know Teresa Giudice for her Italian and health inspired best-selling cookbooks, legal troubles, or, most likely, for her long stint as a character on the reality TV series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. These days, she seems to be wanting to make a fresh start from her past drama before the show's new season premiere. She has recently finalized her divorce from her now ex- husband, Joe Guidice, and is putting their home that was featured so often in previous seasons of RHONJ up for sale (via True Jersey). Teresa may be ready for the next chapter, and we're hoping her four daughters Gia, Milania, Gabriella, and Audriana are feeling the same.

It's hard to believe how much the young Giudices have grown up since they first appeared onscreen. From celebrating big birthdays to heading off to college, here's what these sisters have been up to.

Gia is upfront about her plastic surgery

Teresa's oldest daughter, Gia, has recently celebrated her birthday and entered her twenties! Both of her parents took to social media and congratulated her for being strong, independent, and an excellent role model to her younger siblings (via Daily Mail). Spending her childhood in the spotlight and being on a reality TV show likely didn't bother Gia too much. She loves being on the stage and grew up taking dance classes and performing in recitals. She recently used those dance skills in an adorable viral TikTok dance with dad Joe (via E! News). 

Gia is now a college student at Rutgers University, and recently announced to the public she underwent plastic surgery. "I am an adult now, this has been an insecurity of mine for a while and I've never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!" she says when talking about her new nose (via In Touch).

Book smart Gabriella has just celebrated her sweet 16

Perhaps the most reclusive of the sisters, Gabriella has recently started the new year by celebrating her sweet 16. Teresa's daughter, who only makes rare appearances on RHONJ, had a red and black themed party which included her mother and her sisters in attendance (via The U.S Sun). And like her older sister, attending college appears to be in her future plans. When gushing about her second oldest, Teresa says, "She's, like, super smart. She's amazing. She's in all honors classes. So I think she's going to be able to get into any school she wants."

Not only is the rarely seen sister book smart, but she also likes to do things by the books. When discussing her daughter, Teresa revealed, "Gabriella, she has OCD. She does not want to miss school and she's very, [she] does everything by the books, which is, I love that."

Milania has struggled and overcome her family's drama

It's birthdays all around for this family! The third oldest, Milania Guidice has also recently celebrated a birthday and turned 15 (via Bravo). She has watched her parents go through a lot, and Teresa has admitted publicly that it was Milania who struggled the most over her dad's prison sentence. But luckily, it appears she has managed to make a comeback. "But she has turned around. She saw a therapist last year, and she was having trouble in school," Teresa shared in a Bravo interview. "Now this year, she's doing really good in school."

Milania's father, Joe Guidice, is currently living in Italy after serving his time and being deported from the US (via E! Online). But that doesn't stop Milania from getting to see him. Her latest Instagram posts show that she has recently flown over and visited him. In a photo of her and her father smiling together, Milania shows her love for her dad by captioning it, "have the most fun with you."

Audriana also travels to Italy to visit her dad

And what about the youngest? Audriana hasn't recently celebrated a birthday, but she has a good reason to celebrate. The baby of the family has started middle school! Her mother shared her pride exclaiming, "Congratulations to my baby who's not a baby at all anymore! I [am so] proud of you [and] how hard you work at everything! I know you hate all the videos and pictures I take but that's just because I don't want to miss a thing!!" (via Bravo). Audriana was only six when her father began his prison sentence. But the family appears to be making up for lost time. In 2019, Audriana and the whole clan flew to Italy to visit Joe after he got out of prison (via Bravo).

Audriana is 11 now and her mother appears to love to share sweet words about her youngest whenever she gets the chance. "You are so kind to everyone and have such love for animals and people alike! Thanks for being my baby! I love you to the moon and back my sweet baby girl!" she shares (via People).

The Real Housewives of Jersey is set to return for their 11th season on February 17th (via Variety). Fingers crossed we get to see more glimpses of how grown up Teresa's four darling daughters have become.