Photo Of Jimmy Fallon Vs The Rock As 15-Year-Olds Is Turning Heads

It's Throwback Thursday! Will you be sharing any embarrassing photos of your misspent youth on social media? Well, whatever past-life reveals you may have in store for your followers this week, it's really going to be tough to top what Jimmy Fallon posted on his Instagram. It wasn't just the photo of himself aged 15 that was the real eyebrow-raiser, but the "compare and contrast" pic he posted of another celeb, also aged 15: Dwayne  "The Bathtub, I'm Dwowning" "The Rock" Johnson." Needless to say, the two stars looked a bit... dissimilar.

In Fallon's own pic, he was dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt, white pants, red bowtie (cute!), and a red apron, probably on his way to some typical teen restaurant job bussing tables or washing dishes (gotta pay your dues to make it in comedy). The Rock at 15, however, looked... well, like a slightly skinnier, meaner version of today's Rock. He's also wearing white (just shorts), but that's where any similarities end, as he's holding a football, flexing way more muscles than we knew it was possible for a 15-year-old to have, and glaring at the camera as if he'd like to eat it. He also looks not a day under 25, while Fallon at 15 could easily pass for 12.

While the younger Fallon might not have found the contrast to be too flattering, 21st century Fallon is sufficiently self-confident to caption his post: "Think it's safe to say we had a lot in common."

Fallon's Instagram followers found his photo charming

While a few commenters on Jimmy Fallon's Instagram post played along with the joke, responding "twinning, for sure," "Twins, honestly," and "So many similar characteristics!," another Instragrammer picked up on the fact that Fallon looked to be about half the Rock's age (and maybe a quarter his size), saying "u could be his son."

Another user pointed out the obvious: "you guys live two very different lives," while still another opined, "Looks like u two wouldve been best friends in a teenage film" — given the time frame (both men would have been teens in the '80s), it would have to have been a film directed by John Hughes. Fallon, of course, would have been played by Anthony Michael Hall, and The Rock by... uhhh, Danny Glover? That would have been one heckuva movie mashup, for sure — Lethal in Pink, Sixteen Weapons, something like that.

Many, however, just found Fallon's share to be sweet, dropping comments along the lines of "love it," "love this," and "I love this so much." Others made sure to complement both of the long-ago teens, saying, "Both are adorable and inspiring" and 'it seems both were fun." Just in case Fallon might still feel he came off second-best, however, one loyal fan made sure to reassure him, "I still like you more." All we've got to add is thanks, Jimmy! You made our day, for sure.