The Original Wonder Woman's Daughter Is Seriously Stunning Now

Gal Gadot, we appreciate you and can only imagine the immense pressure you felt when you knew you had to fill some pretty wonderful Wonder Woman shoes. Gadot may be more this era's butt-kicking princess of the Amazons, but it was Lynda Carter who first wielded the magic lasso of Wonder Woman, having starred in the classic Wonder Woman TV series in the 1970s (via Town & Country). Carter was also a pageant queen (as was Gadot), a musician, wife to Robert Altman, and mother to son James and daughter Jessica.


As for Jessica, we must say the apple certainly didn't fall far from the tree in the beauty department. Jessica Carter Altman was born in 1990 and is the second child of Lynda Carter and the late Robert Altman (via IMDb); Altman passed away on Feb. 3, 2021. Despite Carter's daughter looking like a twin version of her younger-self, she seems comforted by the fact that both her children are strong reminders of their father. "I see so much of Robert in them, and I know he lives on through them," Carter wrote in a tribute to her husband.

Carter Altman has found a career path in both law and music

Jessica Carter Altman holds a bachelor's in psychology, as well as a law degree, both of which she obtained from the University of Michigan (per Nicki Swift). Like her mom Lynda Carter, she also shares a passion for music, and one day had a revelation that she shouldn't have to choose a single path for her career. "Why should I quit? Who determined that it was impossible to pursue music and law?" she told Forbes in a 2020 interview. "Simply because I do not know someone who has followed this path, does not mean that I can't." Recently, Carter Altman has proven that she can indeed do both, releasing her album No Rules in January of 2020, while working as a litigation assistant in Washington D.C. (via Metro Weekly). 


Carter Altman has made a genuine effort to forge her own success — despite her famous parents. But that doesn't mean she is not super grateful for them. In a loving message to her superhero mother last year, Carter Altman wrote, "Happy birthday to the woman who makes everything seem like magic" (per Instagram). The photo she shared shows mom and daughter spreading their arms wide like they are flying and happily smiling — both looking stunning. Yes, it's clear that Carter Altman was blessed with the Wonder Woman genetics, and we're excited to see what superhero career move she chooses to do next.