What Happened To Tania And Syngin After 90 Day Fiancé

The highly-anticipated 90 Day Fiancé competition series Love Games, premieres Sunday, February 14 on Discovery+. The trailer for the show, which sees various couples from the hit franchise facing off against each other in a Newlywed Game-style challenge, is appropriately drama-filled with plenty of disagreements, outbursts, and laughs (via YouTube). Twenty-four couples will be facing off, including Darcey and Georgi, Colt and Debbie, and Angela and Michael, per Meaww

Season 7's Tania and Syngin are among the duos fighting it out to prove they know each other better than everybody else. They met in South Africa, where he's from, while she was traveling and he was bartending. They got engaged pretty quickly, but realized even more quickly that they weren't as perfectly matched as it first appeared, since Tania wanted to settle down while Syngin preferred partying. Did they manage to find common ground, or did it all fall apart? 

This is one 90 Day Fiancé couple that's still going strong

During season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? it seemed like the young couple might sadly be headed for divorce, as they frequently butted heads over where they should live and how their future should look. Thankfully, as Screen Rant reports, things seem to have settled down considerably between them. During recent Tell All episodes, Syngin confirmed he's working full-time and is even allegedly pursuing his green card, to stay in the U.S. for good with his lady. Tania's Instagram is full of sweet photos of the couple baking, making a snowman and generally spending quality time together. 

Everything is going so well for them, in fact, that fans have begun speculating they might have a baby on the way. 90 Day Fiancé fan account 90 Day The Melanated Way posted a screengrab from an Instagram Story that seems to show Tania sitting in a car with a baby's seat clearly visible in the back. 

As Cheat Sheet reported in October, Syngin advised during a Tell All appearance that he didn't want to have children, much to Tania's visible distress. "I don't see myself having a child," he said at the time. Maybe he's changed his mind since? Only time will tell but, for now, they're happy together at the very least.