The One Thing Suki Learned From Hosting Love Games - Exclusive

If TLC's hit series 90 Day Fiancé has shown its viewers anything over its seasons, it's that love often defies the odds. But how will the 90 Day couples perform when that love is put to the test? That's something that Suki Krishnan was destined to learn. As the host of Love Games, a new competition show featuring 24 fan favorites from the 90 Day universe, Suki tested the couples by asking them the juicy questions we all want to know the answers to. But while doing so, she learned a valuable lesson.

What is it about the 90 Day franchise that brings viewers back season after season? And how was Suki able to quiz the couples on their love that has captivated audiences? The List sat down with the Love Games host to chat about her career as a journalist and news anchor, and of course, to get all the details about the new show (coming to discovery+) that we could. So buckle in 90 Day fans, because here is the one thing that Suki learned from hosting Love Games.

Suki says the couples took "the risk to fall in love" on Love Games

90 Day Fiancé is about defying odds, pursuing love, and trying to commit no matter the country of origin, no matter familial difference, no matter the barriers. While hosting Love Games, Suki Krishnan watched up-close how the couples from the franchise interacted, and of course, how well they knew each other — after all, who doesn't want to win the coveted Love Games cup? 

But despite the fun on the show, the juicy details, and the competition, Suki shared that what she learned from the couples and from her time as host is "really simple, that love is complicated." "We cannot judge anybody wherever they are. I think what we've realized is a lot of people, what I love about 90 Day and what I love about Love Games, is they took the risk to fall in love," Suki told The List. 

She continued, pointing out the challenges that so many of the 90 Day couples have faced: cultural battles, religious changes, long distance, language barriers, not to mention the scrutiny and judgment from the public. Despite it all, she learned that love really conquers all. "You got to live in the moment," she shared. "You got to believe in yourself and you got to go after what you want to do."

What was Suki's takeaway from Love Games?

Love really can defy all expectations, and 90 Day Fiancé proves that time and time again. Love Games brought out a new, fun, competitive spirit in so many of the couples, and host Suki Krishnan told The List that their determination impacted her takeaway from the show. "These couples ... they've already defied the odds. Now they're just painting the layer, the next layer, of what their life is going to be like, and they let us in on it," she said. "That's the beauty of it. That's my takeaway. That really go after what you want, fight for it." 

Finding love is hard enough, let alone trying to maintain the type of long-distance (and often drama-filled) relationships that 90 Day features. But according to Suki, life's too short to worry about what other people think. "Life is short. If you want to fall in love, if you want to find that special someone, go for it," Suki said. And we couldn't agree more. 

Suki pointed out that the 90 Day couples, regardless of "what people say, all the naysayers," they've persevered and are creating lives together that are happy and beautiful. And now, they're teaming up together to try to win Love Games. According to Suki, "there's no other better feeling" than love. But of course, as Suki noted, "the best feeling is really winning the Love Games cup." 

Love Games starts streaming February 14 on discovery+.