Home Decor Trends That Are Going To Take Over 2021

The year 2020 marked big changes for our lifestyles, as the pandemic forced people into quarantine, and their jobs and schooling transitioned to the home. Antoinette Fargo, a certified interior designer and the Co-Founder of the all-inclusive furniture showroom interior design firm, DooraCollective, believes these realities will spill over to 2021, and influence home decor trends in a major way.

For instance, as she noted to The List, "Now, our home is where everything happens, from work, to working out, to schoolwork, and everything in between." As a result, she told us home design will reflect a cozy and comfortable vibe. "It seems only fitting that making our homes as comfortable, cozy, and livable as possible is the future of interior design," Fargo said, adding, "People aren't spending money on vacations, so they're investing back into their homes with quality items that provide comfort, whether it's a great new bed, comfortable towels, a big comfy couch, or candles that invigorate."

Meanwhile, get ready to see more home decor trends that capitalize on our new normal.

From function over style, to patterns and colors, here are more home decor trends we'll see in 2021

Spending so much time at home is refocusing our energy on the functionality of the design choices we make, according to Fargo, who says another big home decor trend to take note of this year is function over style.

"Where clean straight lines and minimalism used to be our main focus in design, we're now seeing a move back to pieces that are multi-functional, easy to use, and less stylized," she told The List. "Mid-century modern is giving way to a classic, comfortable, family-friendly aesthetic and feel," she further noted, adding, "Style is casual and approachable, featuring clean lines with soft edges, large ottomans, and functional family rooms that fit the whole family." Fargo also told The List that when it comes to fabrics, comfort and function both play a role "so that everybody can enjoy and live without worry, including the kids and the dogs."

We will also see patterns and colors making a big comeback, according to Fargo, who told us, "Being at home so much has shifted our focus to items that can hold our attention. That includes wallpapers with patterns, bold colors on accessories, as well as furniture pieces and rugs." She has noticed people adding texture and color to their decor, "combining multiple eclectic design styles to create a look that is truly your own." She concluded, "We want spaces that are exciting, especially when we are in them 24/7."