63% Of People Agree That This Is Their Favorite Duchess

Who's your favorite member of the royal family? That's not a question we get asked too often here in the States. We've got our own home-grown royals, a.k.a. The Real Housewives of Wherever and the entire Kardashian clan. Still, we do actually have a real live formerly royal duchess residing right here on U.S. soil, so Mashed conducted a survey to see just which duchess has the most fans, not just in this country but worldwide.

While you might think that the whole Megxit flap of 2020 might have lost Ms. Markle her title, the Daily Express explains that, as a part of their royal separation agreement, Meghan and her Mr. were allowed to retain the titles of Duke and Duchess. What she did not retain, it seems, were all of her devoted fans. She still has quite a few, true, and may win over even more with her new podcasting career. Still, the vast majority of the 9,700 people we surveyed — 63 percent — preferred the Duchess of Cambridge, better known to us as Kate Middleton.

The reasons people gave for their preferences

Meghan fans defended their favorite with comments like, "Because she is an American and she makes some of us here in the States feel as if we could one day (with a lot of work) get to that level too." Another fan doted, "She may be new and everything but she is da bomb especially for Latino/Latina people like me!" (Meghan's not Latina, but is biracial, something past Brit royals have had a tendency not to be.) Another Meghan fan mentioned, "Because she's made history to the royal family and is an influential, strong, charitable woman who stood up for gender equality." Another admitted, "I don't actually like the royal family, so I think Meghan is more like a normal person rather than thinking she's 'above' others."

Team Kate, however, were not to be silenced. They said their girl was "elegant, classy, a fashion icon, modest, and humble," as well as "sophisticated, mature." Fans spoke of her "regal aura," and of her being "a great mother to her children." Many mentioned her suitability to step right into the Queen role, as she will do some day. Some of Kate's fans took shots at Meghan, calling her "fake" and "wayyy too interested in the glam, her social media, and her 'American lifestyle.'" Still, a surprising number of respondents said they really liked both duchesses, with one telling us, "The only thing that matters is if they use their title and fame for good." Can't argue with that!