Donald Trump Jr. Discusses His Father's Next Steps

Even though former President Donald Trump has not officially revealed his plans after office, his son Donald Trump Jr. recently spoke to Sean Hannity on Fox News about his father's next steps. Following the former president's second impeachment acquittal, Trump Jr. said that his father will continue to push forward his conservatism and ideologies, while supporting the American people.

Trump Jr. told Hannity that his family will continue to rebrand the Republican party and push back against what he deems as political hypocrisy, focusing on the working class. He said that Trump is going to "keep pushing that America First agenda, fighting for the American worker," although he will do it from the sidelines.

According to Trump Jr., his father will spend his time pushing forth political candidates who will fight for their values, "not the random establishment guys" (via the Daily Mail). His aversion to "establishment" figures is evident, citing them as having "done absolutely nothing and [getting] total support from the establishment base."

All about former President Trump's next steps

Continuing to speak about former President Trump's next steps, Donald Trump Jr. told Hannity that they are "going to continue doing to conservatism what [his] father has done, which is bring it from the dead back into real life with people who love this country" (via Fox News). Although it is still not clear just who they will back politically in the future, Trump Jr. said they must be "willing to go to bat" for the United States, and that the family is going to fight to "make sure those guys get elected."

Moreover, from the interview with Hannity, Trump Jr. demonstrated that the family is against both the Democratic and Republican parties. He said, "Republican leadership will do nothing... because that's what they do best — nothing, while Democrats go "full crazy" when they don't get their way (via Fox News). Trump Jr. made clear that his father's party is separate from the established political arena, stating that "the Republican Party has truly become the party of Donald Trump." Meanwhile, Trump's eldest son denounced the Republicans for not "pushing back" against his father's impeachment trial, calling for even more action from the right-wing party.