Hannah Brown Goes Instagram Official With Adam Woolard

While the news that former Bachelorette Hannah Brown has a new beau isn't new, she's finally confirmed that she is definitely seeing model Adam Woolard. The two were spotted together last month, fueling rumors about their relationship (via the Daily Mail), but Hannah and Adam held off on making it Instagram official until Valentine's Day.

Hannah posted a couple of pics on her Instagram Story in honor of the holiday (via Page Six). One pic featured the couple sharing a smooch while riding horses. The other showed them holding hands. "Feeling all the love," wrote Hannah. "Happy Valentine's Day y'all."

This is the first time Hannah has publicly commented on the relationship, but Bachelor Matt James has shared some words of praise for Hannah's new beau. "I actually met her new boyfriend, who's incredible," he said earlier this month on The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast (via People).

Hannah Brown and Adam Woolard have been keeping their romance out of the spotlight

Matt added, "He's awesome and she's happy and she deserves to be happy."

Hannah and Matt became friends through her ex and former Bachelorette contestant, Tyler Cameron, who also seems to be happy for Hannah's new relationship. "I haven't met him but seen pictures of him," the model recently told ET. "Good looking guy, so I'm happy for her."

What's next for Hannah and Adam now that they're Instagram official? It seems likely that they will take some more time to continue to get to know each other outside of the limelight. While Adam does have an Instagram account, which Hannah tagged in her Valentine's Day greeting, it's currently set to private. This, combined with the fact that they've been keeping pretty quiet about their budding romance, seems to indicate that they want some privacy, and we can't really blame them for that.