When You Use A Flat Iron Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Hair

If you're addicted to your flat iron, you may need to learn to give it up (even just a little). Sadly, when you use it to straighten your locks every single day, it can cause serious damage. Here's why. 

First of all, straighteners can literally melt you hair (yes, really). According to Dr. Tim Moore, Chief Technical Officer at ghd's Research and Development Facility (via She'SAID'), "A lot of irons on the market have temperature dials up to 230 degrees, which is very bad for hair... it literally melts it." And when your styling tool is that hot, it can, not only weaken hair, but, according to Dr. Moore, it could also change your color!

Secondly, using a flat iron every day can also affect your hair texture, especially if you have curly hair. "It's not possible to completely reverse heat damage," curly hair expert and senior hairstylist Taylor Tugman told Byrdie. "Every case is unique." The senior stylist at DevaChan added, "Sometimes it is possible for the hair to regain some movement, however, it will never be the same as their natural curl pattern."

Excessive flat iron use can strip your hair of moisture

Flat irons also seriously dry your hair out. As trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips explained to HuffPost, "Moisture content is just as important to the health and beauty of your hair as it is to your skin." She continued, "It's what helps keep your strands nourished and elastic. Over-applying heat to your hair when it is already dried causes brittleness, breakage, dullness and dryness to the point where hair is stripped of its natural moisture causing your cuticles to dry and snap off."

So how do you combat the damage? Obviously the best thing to do is cut back on flat iron use altogether. But if you can't completely give up your addition, "[t]he best way to counteract damage is to use a deep conditioner before shampooing," trichologist Philip Kingsley told Daily Mail. "Work it into the hair with the fingertips, particularly the ends, leave it on for 20 minutes or so then wash it out with a moisturising shampoo and after-shampoo conditioner."