Kayleigh McEnany Has Something To Say About Rush Limbaugh's Death

Radio personality Rush Limbaugh's death from lung cancer has shocked the airwaves. A conservative political commentator since 1988, Limbaugh's passing has led many well-known Republican figures to speak about how important he was to their upbringing (via The Wall Street Journal). The radio host's program, The Rush Limbaugh Show, was vastly influential to right-wing media, shaping conservative values throughout the United States. It's no wonder that Kayleigh McEnany, Republican political commentator, strategist, and former White House press secretary, expressed her deepest sympathies for Limbaugh upon hearing about his death.

On Twitter, McEnany made her shock and disbelief at Limbaugh's death clear, describing how important the radio host was in shaping her values. She tweeted, "Rush Limbaugh had unrelenting boldness to proclaim the truth," making it evident that she admired his beliefs and was inspired by them in her own profession. She continued, "Watching his wit, passion, and willingness to hold the media accountable informed my entire career," which has spanned jobs in the media at Fox News and CNN, as well as in the White House (via The Washington Post).

All about Kayleigh McEnany's reaction to Rush Limbaugh's death

Kayleigh McEnany referenced her own upbringing in Florida to truly hone in on her mourning for Limbaugh. In her tweet, she said, "Growing up in Plant City, Florida, my dad would always play the Rush Limbaugh program in his pick-up truck," which shows just how important the late political personality was to her life from the start. Even growing up as a teenager, McEnany continued to listen to Limbaugh on her own time. She continued her tweet with: "My fellow classmates from my all girls Catholic school knew if they road [sic] in my car, we would be listening to Rush Limbaugh," referencing her right-wing upbringing as making her "the definition of a 'Rush Baby.'"

The multifaceted TV and political figure made clear that Limbaugh's footprint will be remembered by many, saying that "There are tens of thousands of us all across the conservative movement" that will continue to honor him. She continued, "He has built a legacy that will endure for many generations to come and will continue to inform our country," thanking Limbaugh for his impact on the nation. McEnany closed her brief eulogy with the words, "The United States of America is better because of you," with many fellow Republicans flocking to pay tribute to Limbaugh as well.