Mary Cosby Shares New Details About Her Marriage To Her Step-Grandfather

The second part of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion left viewers captivated by the glamorous stars as well as their sometimes-strange lives. After the first season of the show lead fans to believe that Mary Cosby's grandmother had left it in her will that she was to marry her step-grandfather, it appears that the story may have gotten misconstrued.

Page Six notes that, during the season, Cosby explained that her grandmother wanted her to marry her husband and take her place at their church. "I did marry him. I didn't want to. That's weird to me," she said during an episode. "But [my grandmother] really did want me to, so I obeyed her. I trusted every word."

RHSLC fans were shocked to learn that the story may have been slightly different in real life. She told Andy Cohen on Wednesday night's episode that there were no receipts or proof that her grandmother wanted the two of them to marry. "Well, my grandmother told me for herself that she wanted me to take her place," Cosby explained. "So basically, Robert Sr. was 20 years younger than my grandmother. My grandmother felt like she robbed his youth and so she said, 'If something ever happens, I want you to marry one of my girls because I know they'll be loyal to you and treat you good like you treated me.'"

Cosby later admitted that she considered their marriage to be arranged and that she thought she was in love with her husband, Robert Sr.

Mary Cosby admitted that she and her husband don't share a bed

In addition to clearing up the consensus about the origins of her marriage, Mary Cosby also shared details about what their relationship is like today. Cosby got teary-eyed when the topic turned to her relationship with her husband of over 20 years. She noted that once her grandmother passed away, the two prayed for guidance for two years about whether or not the two should marry, People reports. As for if she's in love, she responded, "I absolutely think I am."

Cosby also shared that she hasn't had sex with her husband in years and that the couple maintain different beds, according to the outlet. Breaking into tears, the pastor explained that, while her life may look different from other people's, she's still happy with her relationship. "We're happy. You can't say or do anything to take happiness away from me," she explained. "It's hard to get. If you can find that in a man, it doesn't matter where he came from."

As for all of the attention her marriage has gotten during the show's first season, Cosby notes that it's been a difficult storm to weather. When speaking about the season's trailer in which they make reference to her marriage, she explained to Us Weekly, "I was not expecting it to be dropped on social media. That was more of a disappointment for me because I feel like social media is a place I don't feel comfortable in."

RHSLC airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.