Rose McGowan Just Became A Permanent Resident Of Mexico. Here's Why

In 2018, Rose McGowan sold her 2,972 square foot Hollywood home for just under 2 million dollars, which she used to fund her lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein (via Variety). The same year, she announced her plans to leave Los Angeles behind. "My house was my cord to Los Angeles," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "It doesn't mean that I don't love it as a city, but it was a very unsafe place for me. I mean, people have come up to me on the street and said, 'Oh, did you get any good Weinstein scripts lately?' Just to see my reaction. It's really f***** up." She wandered for a while. First to "a farm with miniature ponies" and then to a retirement community in Florida. 

Three years ago, she was planning on New York or London in the short term, but considering India as a forever home. And, in 2019, she did spend time in England, and also in Ireland. McGowan also visited the Mediterranean, before ending up somewhere very, very different. 

Why Mexico is right for Rose McGowan

If you've been following her Instagram, you know that the Charmed actress has finally found a refuge on the beach in Tulum, Mexico. There, she's been singing John Lennon's Imagine, dancing by the beach, learning to make tortillas, falling in love with a mystery man, bathing in the sea with her dog, Perlita, and, is most recently, considering growing a mullet. Except for the time that McGowan broke her arm after reading the 2020 US presidential election results on the stairs, McGowan's life there looks like a much-deserved fairytale.

Now, as per what McGowan told The Dab Roast, she's recently received her permanent residency card from Mexico (via Daily Mail). "I'm so grateful to have it," she gushed, "This is a really healing land here and it is truly magical." In a separate social media post, McGowan gave thanks to her new-found peace. "Thank you to the goddesses for letting me live long enough to enjoy living," she wrote.