Fans Were Concerned About Tiger Woods Before His Car Crash. Here's Why

Even before Tiger Woods' death-defying car crash on Tuesday led him to undergo surgery for various sustained leg injuries, many fans were already concerned about the golf star. After an interview conducted by CBS Sports host Jim Nantz on Sunday, viewers worldwide were left worried for Woods, and dismayed by how downcast he looked (via the Daily Mail).

The light-hearted Sunday interview, meant to highlight the golf legend's charities and outlook to the future, asked Woods about his plans with the game. As Nantz asked him questions about his recovery from his fifth back surgery, Woods looked exhausted and gloomy, hinting that there was much more going on under the surface.

It's safe to say that Woods was still suffering through the arduous post-back surgery process as he attempted to answer Nantz's questions, but he didn't seem too interested in the interview. While Nantz asked him about the Tiger Foundation, his back surgery, and plans for the future, Woods looked like he was just trying to get by. When Nantz asked the golfer if he could compete in the first major game of the year in April, Woods simply answered "God I hope so, I've got to get there first" (via the Daily Mail).

Fans strongly reacted to Woods' CBS Interview on Sunday

As the interview went on, it became more and more clear that Woods was either still suffering from the surgery, or simply preferred to get the interview over with. Fans were troubled by the golfer's appearance, and took to Twitter to express their concern.

One Twitter user wrote, "Tiger Woods looked absolutely fried in that interview just now. Bloated, dull looking face and sounded like he was speaking through a muffler. Honestly reckon this last surgery could be the end for him." Other users said Woods looked "zoned out," "depressed," and "messed up," with little hope the sports legend would ever go back to the game he changed forever. 

With severe injuries to his leg from his car crash on Tuesday, which include multiple "open fractures" to his lower right leg, a rod placed in his tibia, and screws used to fix his foot and ankle, it seems like Woods' road to recovery will be much more difficult than initially expected (via ESPN). Combined with the back surgery he already underwent back in December of 2020, fans and friends alike are rooting for him to recover once and for all.