Here's Why Sarah Cushing From Superman & Lois Looks So Familiar

The CW's latest foray into the DC world with Superman & Lois follows the iconic couple as they juggle parenthood while attempting to save the world. The series introduces a bunch of teens related to some of Smallville's most recognizable characters, including Lucy Lang and Kyle Cushing through their daughter Sarah. 

The newest actor is no stranger to television; here's why Sarah Cushing from Superman & Lois looks so familiar.

Inde Navarrette is the actor behind the character, who started her career in the industry in 2018 (via IMDB). Her first role was in the short film Cross Worlds Together as Alice, followed by the Snap Original series Denton's Death Date. She also starred alongside Sienna Miller in the 2020 film Wander Darkly, but Navarrette is most known for her portrayal of Estela in 13 Reasons Why. Introduced in the fourth and final season of the teen drama, Navarrette plays the younger sister of Monty de la Cruz, one of the main antagonists of Seasons 3 and 4 who was murdered and framed for Bryce Walker's death.

Navarrette had the task of bringing a new character to the final series of a show, a role that she wasn't sure of at first due to the potential of "playing devil's advocate" as Monty's sister (via Seventeen). "Especially for a series like 13 Reasons Why, when new characters get introduced, you kind of have this feeling of, 'Can I trust them or not?'" she told the magazine.

Inde Navarrette is using her platform to represent strong women & her heritage

Thankfully, Inde Navarrette was able to show more of Estela's sympathetic side rather than become another antagonist. "She can mourn for her brother, but also she has to really tiptoe around everybody else, because of how much damage her brother has caused these people," the actor explained to Seventeen.

As for her latest role in Superman & Lois, Navarrette is excited and proud to represent a strong female character. "If there's one word to describe Sarah, it's bad-ass and tough. I think a lot of young girls are going to relate to her," she told Beautiful Ballad. 

The actor also takes pride in being able to represent her Latina heritage through her platform. "Being a Latina, this representation is huge for us," she said. "Just being able to have little girls and boys look at themselves on the TV and say, 'Oh, my gosh. They're like me. They speak the same language,' is just so cool."

Navarrette continued, "Slowly but surely we're getting that representation and love. Especially with Black Lives Matter, everybody's just coming out and being like, 'Listen to us. We're going to show you why we're just as important and our voices are just as meaningful.' So I love it and I'm super excited."