Britney Spears Has Transformed Her Body. Here's How

Britney Spears has long been in admirable shape — just think back to when she wore that giant snake. Um, wow. Of course, as a teen sensation, her body was rightly or wrongly the talk of most magazine covers. Then, in 2013 with her Las Vegas residency, a mind-blowing 248 performances certainly kept her fit (via The Hollywood Reporter). Now, the star mom of two says she has transformed her body to be even more wow-worthy — if this is even possible.

So what is the 39-year-old's secret to looking better than ever as she approaches age 40? According to Daily Mail, Spears took to Instagram recently to share the tweek to her daily diet that has made all the difference. And it is so simple, anyone can do it. Nope, no expensive personal chef or trainer behind her transformation.

Instead, the singer and dancer, well, is eating less, and feeling better as a result.

Britney Spears credits portion control for feeling better physically

"I chose portion control which is very hard when it comes to Doritos !!!!!" Spears joked in the dance video she posted to Instagram while donning teeny shorts and a crop top, adding, "On a positive note ... my body does feel way better now." She noted her body looked different as compared to a throwback video from months ago (via ET Online).

Meanwhile, Spears may enjoy junk food such as ice cream — less of it these days — but she reportedly works out like crazy, especially during quarantine, incorporating treadmill work, yoga, and weights, as well as dance into her exercise routine (via Insider).

So, it seems if you too commit to portion control, as well as side planks, lunges, and squats, you can look like Britney Spears (via Vogue). Just don't forget to sweat your butt off in full dance cardio mode (via The Blast).