Why The Crown's Emma Corrin Is Staying Single For Now

You might recognize newcomer Emma Corrin for her iconic role as Princess Diana in Netflix's hit show The Crown. She first graced our screen last November in season four, and fans immediately took notice of her. Maybe it was her uncanny similarities to real-life Diana, or her impeccable acting skills — whatever the case, Corrin made her mark the second she put on her tiara.

And, suddenly, everyone wanted to know who Corrin was — where she studied, how she got the role, and who she was dating. After all, everyone knows Diana had a controversial love life, so is it so far-fetched to think Corrin had one as well?

Fans took it upon themselves to solve the mystery of Corrin's life, and their surprising revelation was Harry Styles. Since both were trending last November due to Styles' Vogue cover and Corrin's acting debut, many fans believed the two were together. It didn't help that they shared the same stylist, followed each other on Twitter, and have mutual friends, according to Meaww. However, a source from The Sun eventually revealed that the two are only friends: "There's nothing romantic between Harry and Emma but they became friends because they know loads of the same people."

Even though Harry is friend-zoned, it still leaves the question: Is Corrin dating anyone?

Emma Corrin's only focus right now is on herself

The unfortunate answer is that, no, she's single. But that makes her happy.

In an October 2020 interview with The Telegraph, Corrin said she wants to focus solely on herself. But that doesn't mean she's alone. In fact, she lives with four college friends instead of by herself or with a significant other. "It's nice to come back to people who really know you," she told The Telegraph. " It helps to balance out some of the silliness that comes with this job, like having your face on the cover of a magazine."

According to Bustle, Corrin's priority is herself and being around people who can help her navigate her newfound stardom, including fellow star, Styles. She said it's nice to have friends who know how to navigate fame, The Sun reports.

No matter who she's dating, Corrin's focus will always be herself. Fame is challenging, no matter if you're new to the spotlight or not. So, taking care of yourself has to be the main priority.