Kimberly Guilfoyle's Causing A Stir With Her Possible Future Political Plans

If you aren't super familiar with the name Kimberly Guilfoyle, here's a quick crash course refresher: Guilfoyle is the current partner of Donald Trump Jr, and this past summer came under fire for decisions she had made while heading a particular arm of the Trump fundraising campaign (via Politico). At the time, she was accused of making unsafe decisions for staffers and the Trump family with regard to COVID and also took heat for what some considered poor management of campaign funds. Prior to her ties to the Trump family, she was best known as the former San Francisco deputy district attorney, the former First Lady of San Francisco and ex-wife of Gov. Gavin Newsom (via ABC). 

Just this morning, Politico reports that the conservative pundit publicly weighed in on the fight between democrats and republicans in California regarding reopening the schools. She is quoted as saying, "from California to New York, we will fight to take back this country" and also commented that anyone against Trump and his views are soon to be banished to "the ashbin of history." 

California conservatives want Kimberly Guilfoyle to run for office in their state

These comments about California's politics and school system have many speculating whether Kimberly Guilfoyle is likely considering running for office in the Golden State. Doubters cite the fact that the pundit has just recently purchased a home with Don Jr. in Florida as proof that she is settling down elsewhere and may not have interest in returning to California, but ABC says there have been multiple reports that she does in fact plan to return to her home state. Further, these reports claim that in light of her public presence lately and her history as a CA politician, conservative members of the California public are urging her to run for office to help further their own causes. 

With over 1.5 million followers on Twitter, she certainly already has a strong influence, and her association with the Trump family only makes her star power stronger (she constantly retweets her boyfriend Don Jr.'s tweets). It's yet to be seen if the rumors are true, but if Guilfoyle does run for CA office, it would be an interesting campaign to watch.