Inside Taye Diggs And Idina Menzel's Relationship Today

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel may have divorced in 2013, but the actor still has nothing but praise for his ex-wife years later. The two actor-singers, who met on the set of the Broadway show Rent, married in 2003, according to E! Recent reports indicate the exes have remained friends while co-parenting their 11-year-old son, Walker. 

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show in January, Diggs remembered his time starring in Rent fondly. "Rent is literally the gift that keeps on giving. I met my baby mama there. It was the beginning of my career," he said (via People). "That's where it all started." 

In 1996, Diggs originated the role of Benny in the Pulitzer-Prize winning play alongside Menzel, who originated the role of Maureen Johnson in the production. The two went on to star together in another off-Broadway production, and Diggs occasionally stood in as her love interest in the Broadway play Wicked. They also co-starred in the feature film version of Rent in 2005 (via IMDb).

"I love the fact that I was there at the beginning," he told Barrymore. "She made history in that show and continues to make history with her singing and whatnot, and to know that I was right there, I love sharing that with my son."

The couple are committed to their son

Idina Menzel, who is well-known as the voice of Elsa in Frozen, said she and Diggs are committed to being good parents to their son. "[Walker] comes first and you have to get past your own egos and you never talk bad about each other," she said in an interview with People.  

Menzel remarried in 2017. Her husband is Aaron Lohr, who also starred alongside the couple in the film version of Rent. Menzel and Lohr began dating in 2015 and got engaged in 2016, according to Menzel's Twitter.

Diggs, who stars in the CW series All American, has never remarried. He told Barrymore he loved sharing stories about Menzel with their son. "Like, Daddy was there when the world first listened to her. So that's cool as well," he said.

Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel will both participate in Rent's 25th anniversary virtual gala fundraiser for The New York Theatre Workshop on March 2, according to Billboard.