The Planet Of Passion Is Moving Into Gemini: Here's What That Means For You

If you start to feel more emotional than usual over the next week, astrology may have the answer as to why. Mars enters Gemini on March 3 and will remain there until April 23. Astrologist Lisa Stardust of HelloGiggles cautions us to be mindful of our own tempers and not take it too personally if we feel that someone is overreacting to us.


According to Cafe Astrology, debates are a signature of Mars in Gemini and people get easily "fired up." Of course there's nothing wrong with being passionate about our views or engaging in a respectful debate, but it's important to remember to keep our emotions in check and focus on the facts if we do engage in a debate.

This is also a time when you may find that your interests diversify but you have trouble focusing on one thing and jump from one project or endeavor to the next. Cafe Astrology recommends doing our best to channel our energies and focus instead of taking on many new projects.

Here's how Mars in Gemini affects our love lives

Since Mars is the planet of passion, your romantic energy may surge — and, going back to the talkative nature of the Mars in Gemini stretch, Elle Australia notes that it's a time for flirtatious banter between you and your love interest. But your romantic connections themselves will be of a deeper nature. Stephanie Powell, head of content for, told the outlet that people "aren't drawn toward surface-level attractions" when Mars is in Gemini.


Sparkstrology notes that at the end of Mars' first week in Gemini, Mercury conjoins Jupiter. This is another reason you and those around you may feel more talkative than usual. It also compounds the energy and desire to have our hand in a lot of projects that begins the week Mars enters Gemini. All of these things will reach their highest intensity at the end of March.

So take advantage of the renewed passion you may feel, whether it's for a hobby or your love interest. Just remember that it's easy to get scattered and spread ourselves too thin, so prioritize focusing and completing one project before jumping to the next.