The Truth About 1000-Lb Sisters' Amy Slaton's C-Section

1000-lb Sisters is a reality television show that premiered last year on TLC. The series follows sisters Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton as they navigate not only their lives together, but their health struggles related to their weight, and their emotionally strained relationship with their mother (via TVOvermind). Most recently, the show has been focused on Amy Slaton's struggles with fertility, and her subsequent conception and high-risk pregnancy (via Distractify) .

After keeping it underwraps to feature in the new season of 1000-lb Sisters, it was finally revealed that Amy and her husband, Michael had a baby boy on Nov. 10. 2020. According to People, Gage Deon Halterman weighed 5 pounds and 6 ounces and was 17½ inches long when he made his way into the world. Per the outlet, Monday's episode of the show, featured an overjoyed Amy who gushed, "It's emotional. You can't really talk about [it], because you just love him so much, you don't have words to explain how much you love him."

Between health complications and a risky pregnancy, little Gage's birth was a celebratory moment for both the sisters and fans of the show, but as the episode revealed, the birth itself wasn't without its own host of medical complications. Born by cesarean section, Amy revealed that the baby was also in the breech position to which Tammy speculated was because of her sister's weight (via TVShowsAce).

Amy Slaton found out she was expecting four months after her weight loss surgery

Just four months after having bariatric weight loss surgery, Amy Slaton found out she was pregnant, though doctors had suggested that she wait at least two years before trying to conceive. On the show, she stated that this made her "scared as hell", as reported by Cheat Sheet.

So while there could have been complications, it was not exactly fair to say that Amy's weight is what caused Gage to be breech. According to a study published in the medical journal Nutrition, researchers found that there is "no significant increase" in breech positioning of babies born to obese mothers.

The baby's position did, however, require a change in her birthing plan resulting in an emergency C-section followed by Gage immediately being taking for a battery of tests because his blood sugar was low. But all turned out well, and the heartwarming introduction of mother and son was featured in the most recent episode of 1000-lb Sisters. As reported by People, the tender clip showed Amy checking all the baby's fingers and toes and even exclaiming, "Oh my God, he's got so much hair, and it's curly-ish."