The Biggest Mistake You're Making When Organizing Your Pantry

Just like your refrigerator and freezer, your pantry needs to be organized. If it's not, how are you going to find that box of macaroni elbows you need for tonight's mac n' cheese? But if the sight of your pantry sends you into a panic, it might be because it's lacking some serious structure. While there are many ways to keep it neat and tidy, this might be the biggest mistake you're making when getting it in order.

Admit it – you've scrolled through Pinterest and have seen those dreamy, drool-worthy pantries that are perfectly staged. It might be the lovely lighting, or it could even be the way the person takes advantage of all that vertical space. It may even be the lack of clutter that creates chaos in every pantry, despite its size. But by far, the biggest mistake you're probably making is: keeping big boxes (via The Spruce).

No one is saying that you shouldn't take advantage and stock up at your local superstore. After all, how can you pass up those big boxes of Goldfish? The problem comes, though, when you come home from the grocery store and try to shove said oversized boxes into your petite pantry. It just won't work, people. 

Here's how to make your pantry Pinterest-perfect

When you run into a space issue is when you're going to have to look to alternative storage solutions to fix your pantry problems. That's right, you're going to have to buy containers to replace those boxes. If you use clear storage containers, you can see how much cereal you have left without having to rummage through the box.

There's also another advantage to purchasing specific containers for your pantry. Usually, the containers are smaller in size and oftentimes stackable (via Good Housekeeping). This allows you to take advantage of vertical space that you might not be able to do with traditional packaging. Plus, the lids will keep your food fresher, which might not occur when you store food in the box it came in.

Shopping at big box stores can definitely save you some money, but it will also leave you with, well, big boxes. And since you want to be able to see the food you purchased (especially when you're looking for the ingredients to make your own homemade marinara sauce), it's a good idea to crush the clutter by crushing those big boxes. That way, you'll have easy access to all of your pantry staples, and using your pantry will be a more pleasant experience.