Who Is Below Deck Sailing Yacht's Natasha De Bourg?

Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has just premiered, and chef Natasha De Bourg is already, well, rocking the boat. From the first episode of the season, De Bourg already has a run-in with chief stew Daisy Kelliher and it gets pretty intense. The two crew members disagree over breakfast service, and if the season 2 trailer is any suggestion, things will only continue to escalate!


Now that Kelliher has made an appearance on Bravo TV's Watch What Happens Live After Show to say De Bourg is "arrogant" and "cocky," it's safe to say this season will be one for the books (via The Daily Dish). So who is Natasha De Bourg and how did she get to where she is today?

De Bourg was born in Trinidad and escaped the island from a difficult childhood and marriage (via Bravo). She quickly set her sights on culinary school in Europe, moving across the pond to achieve her dreams. The luxury chef saw no other way but to prove her chops at seven of the world's top Michelin-star restaurants (via MEAWW), blowing restaurant-goers away with food that Captain Glenn says is "delicious."

After De Bourg's stint at the top Michelin-star restaurants in the world, she became an executive chef in the go-to country of fine cuisine, France. But the chef still felt like she needed to branch out, which makes sense for someone who constantly posts incredible traveling photos to Instagram, and has traveled to 17 countries according to her bio. So where else to go but the yachting life?


Everything to know about yacht chef Natasha De Bourg

Fast forward to today, and Natasha De Bourg is a chef on the Parsifal III, and living the dream as she moves from one destination to the next (via MEAWW). However, that's not to say it hasn't come with a fair bit of tension on board! Just as Kelliher and De Bourg disagreed over when to serve breakfast, Kelliher told Bravo's WWHL After Show that she could immediately see "bad signs" in the gourmet chef (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). That being said, Captain Glenn was quick to jump to her defense, saying that she is "a little bit wild. Definitely self-confident. But I think she had a nice playful attitude."


Moreover, many fans are pointing to De Bourg's ethnicity as the reason some crew members aren't giving her the respect she deserves, particularly after season 2's first episode which depicts both Kelliher and Dani Soares mistaking her for a stew. In fact, one Twitter user wrote, "They can't believe the Black chick is a chef. #BelowDeckSailing" while another user said, "Black woman must be a deckhand... huh? Couldn't believe her when she said she was the chef the first time. Huh? Hmmm... the microaggressions."

That being said, it is clear that De Bourg is confident and headstrong enough to just keep sailing!