The Clever Way To Cover A Hickey With Makeup

You spot a little love mark on your neck after a — ahem — romantic interlude with your sweetie. And while it may seem like no big deal, your boss might not think the same way. So if you're looking to hide evidence of a passionate interlude, this beauty tip is the clever way to cover a hickey with makeup. A lot of makeup.

You're going to want to start your makeup sesh by using a primer (via Self). But be sure that it isn't creamy or greasy so that it has a better chance of keeping your makeup on your skin — and not, you know, rubbing off. And because a primer preps your skin, it'll help when layering your additional beauty aids (yes, there are more coming), making it oh-so-much easier.

Now it's time to consider the color of your hickey. Because here's the thing about hickeys. They come in a lot of hues, from purplish/red, to black and blue, to even a garish greenish yellow color (via Healthline). So how you make over your skin is really going to depend on what age and stage your hickey is at. If it's purple, you should use a color corrector with green undertones; red or orange for a black-blue hickey, and for ones that are fading away but are green/yellow, look for correctors with a purple undertone.

Here's how to use foundation and concealer to hide that hickey

If you thought that the hickey your sweetie gave you was aptly covered, think again. You'll need to make sure that the makeup blends in with the rest of your skin. To do that, you'll need foundation and concealer that are opaque. Don't just blend in the immediate area where the hickey is, though. If you're sporting a love bite on your neck, then it's best to blend in the entire area (think from your jawline all the way down to your clavicle — yes, it's that serious), so that your coverup isn't more obvious than your hickey is.

Then, when everything has been beautifully blended, you'll need to use a setting powder or spray (via Seventeen). Why? Well, your makeup might rub off, exposing the hickey you were trying to hide all along. And the last thing you want is makeup rubbing all over your shirt. Give it a quick touch to ensure that it's set, and you should be ready to face the world — without worrying that your hickey is on display for all to see ... and possibly judge.