Here's How You Can DIY Your Own Dream Home Makeover

Who hasn't watched Dream Home Makeover on Netflix and thought, "I'd do anything for Shea McGee to redo my house?" Yeah, us too. That's why we are literally in heaven — because there is a way you can DIY your own Dream Home Makeover without the Utah interior designer ever setting foot in your front door. We kid you not!

Here's the thing — in March of last year, Target announced via a press release that everyone's favorite store for browsing and buying things you didn't plan on was teaming up with McGee to introduce Threshold designed with Studio McGee. The multi-year partnership aims to bring the style people love — okay, are obsessed with — to customers' homes for less. McGee noted in the release, "We came into this partnership as life-long Target fans, and we love that Target cares about bringing good design to everyone."

Because if you have ever scrolled through the original McGee & Co. website, you would know that while the designs are impeccable — just as you'd expect from McGee — the prices for then pieces are positively prohibitive. We're talking almost $200 for a throw pillow. By contrast, you can find a pillow from the Target collection for $22, and yes, it still features that special Shea touch.

What you can buy from the Studio McGee Target collection

The Target collaboration is pretty extensive, featuring home decor — from mirrors, to throw blankets, to vases, rugs, lighting, and wall hangings, as well as furniture, like coffee tables, cubes, and even sofas.

Meanwhile, you can also shop Shea and Syd McGee's book, Make Life Beautiful (via PopSugar). Inside its pages, fans will find design inspiration and tips, as well as a journal, and the designer's insights into how to "elevate the everyday."

Ultimately, you may not be eligible for a real home makeover from McGee herself, but a few trips to Target, and a browse through her book are the next best things. 

The offerings have clearly found a following, with one fan tweeting, "i've spent way too much money on studio mcgee decor from target. shea is an evil genius and i need her to keep releasing new product lol." And another commented, "Adulting is counting down the days until the new Studio McGee/Target collab drops because your [sic] hoping to get some fire accent chairs."