The Quint Uncle Dale From OutDaughtered Has A Special Bond With

The hit TLC show OutDaughtered follows the Busbys, a family with the only all-girl set of quintuplets in the country. First released in 2016, fans fell in love with the five little girls and their older sister, Blayke. And while the show focuses on the girls and their parents, Danielle and Adam Busby, a surprising family member has become a beloved fan favorite.

Dale Mills, more commonly known as Uncle Dale, is Danielle's brother-in-law and with his quirky personality — the quints often call him Uncle Doofus — he has become a staple in almost every episode. Uncle Dale has taken on his newfound popularity happily, even adding "Self proclaimed America's Favorite Uncle" to his Instagram bio. According to InTouch Weekly, during an interview on the Good Old Boy Podcast, Dale declared his love for the spotlight. "For me ... I might seem cocky or whatever [but] people just pump me up," he said. "It's awesome; I live it up, I love the fans. We're just some real people that happen to be on a TV show."

And while Uncle Dale thrives on the attention, it's obvious that the love he has for the quints is real. But out of all the girls, his affection tends to sway towards one in particular—Hazel Grace.

Uncle Dale has a special bond with Hazel

Fans of the show quickly noticed the connection between Uncle Dale and Hazel, the smallest of the quintuplets. Affectionately coining the term #DAZEL on his Instagram, Uncle Dale often gravitates to Hazel both on and off the screen. According to InTouch Weekly, the reason for their bond may have to do with the fact that Hazel was the first quint Dale held in the hospital. Dale recently shared that special moment on his Instagram page, alongside the caption "And this is where #DAZEL all began...".

Since that first moment, Hazel and Uncle Dale have shared an abundance of fond memories together. Some fan favorites include the moment Dale couldn't find Hazel in the house while babysitting the quints for the first time and watching Dale sneak candies to Hazel one night after bed (via Soap Dirt). His Instagram highlights even more #DAZEL moments, from selfies of the two together to pictures of Hazel with Dale's own children, McKenzie and Bronson. And with the new season just starting up, we can't wait to see what the iconic duo will be up to next.