Whatever Happened To Temptation Island's Rick And Ashley?

It's no secret that USA's Temptation Island is one of the most addictive shows out there, where couples try out the "single life" to test the true strength of their relationships. Jetting off to a tropical island, and confronted by 24 singletons, contestants find out for once and for all if they can resist the forbidden fruit — and if their love is the real deal. As many fans remember, Rick Fleur and Ashley Goldsun from season 2 in Oct. 2019 were definitely put to the test, battling trust issues due to Rick's flirtatious behavior (via InStyle). By the end of the season, the adorable left hand in hand — but did it last?

Although Temptation Island first premiered back in 2001, since the revamped version debuting in 2019, the tests have only gotten more difficult. As executive producer David Goldberg told Deadline, the singles must now be "genuinely looking for love" and with personalities that are appealing to the couples. As Rick and Ashley encountered countless crossroads, fans can recall how Ashley ended up in bed with KB, after Rick told her he wouldn't "handcuff her" (via Bustle).

About the ordeal with KB, Ashley told Bustle that Rick's handcuffing comment meant that "all bets were off"and that she "wasn't going to be able to trust that he had [their] best interest at heart." She continued, "I found myself extremely attracted to KB and the way [he] opened up to me."

Everything to know about Rick and Ashley's breakup

As Ashley explained to Bustle, "I allowed myself to invest in those feelings because I knew that Rick was doing the same thing." Of course, Ashley was alluding to Rick's past cheating, which was the reason the couple went on the show. That being said, Ashley did say she felt "guilt and regret" the next day.

Rick's response to Ashley's intimate moments with KB was that of both "shock" and "embarrassment" as he described to PopCulture. The reality star told the outlet, "I know this chick did not bring me here to be doing this ... off-the-bat full-blown cheat." About the "handcuffing" remark, he said he "didn't think it was going to be as impactful" as it was.

Even though Rick expressed disbelief at the cheating, he ended up asking Medinah out on the show, and as ScreenRant reports, was secretly with Medinah when he left the island with Ashley. The seemingly-happy couple were broken up by the reunion episode, confirmed by Rick's Jan. 2020 tweet: "For everyone wondering, I'm single."

Ashley also posted a break-up confirmation on her Instagram, captioning photos of her and Rick with, "I want to thank @rickfleur for being on a rollercoaster ride with me that has come to an end. Sometimes we get so comfortable with toxic relationships but we've learned it's time to grow and move forward separately." Wishing only the best for the couple, who are on a mission to remain friends and "respectful" of each other!