Here's How Much Brendan Gleeson Is Really Worth

These days, Brendan Gleeson is one of the most in-demand and well-regarded actors in the industry, counting take-notice turns in Harry Potter, The Guard, and In Bruges among the items on his impressive résumé (via IMDb). It's worth noting, however, the Dublin native got his start relatively late, turning his attention to acting after working as a teacher until the age of 34. As he told Variety, "I was teaching English and Irish at the secondary school level and I actually enjoyed it." 


In the summer of 1989, Gleeson began acting on stage and started earning some money from it too. His on-screen debut came in that year's TV movie Dear Sarah but it was the celebrated adaptation of John B. Keane's play The Field, released in 1990, that really put Gleeson on the map. Hollywood wouldn't come calling for several years, but the Irish actor was fast on his way to becoming a major name at home. Decades later, he's more than comfortable. 

The Irish actor got his start late in life

As Gleeson told Variety, when he first started out in the business, his wife went back to work "to make sure the family was taken care of." The Harry Potter star was concerned he wouldn't be able to make ends meet and might be forced to do less-than-stellar work as a result, admitting, "I was afraid I would get in the position of doing anything for the money, that I'd get taken in by the system." Thankfully, "that crisis of integrity never happened." 


The Gleesons live in Malahide, a reasonably well-off area of Dublin, and have resided there for years (via Irish America). However, according to The Timesthey also own a home in equally upmarket Howth, described as a "mansion" and "360 sq [meter] contemporary, American-style house." Regardless of where he's living specifically, the actor was thrilled to get back home to Dublin, after working in L.A. for months, before COVID-19 travel restrictions took hold (via The Sun). 

Being a megastar never appealed to him

Suffice to say, the beloved character actor, who's been known to sport a shaggy beard on many a red carpet, isn't necessarily a fan of the finer things in life. Speaking to The Guardianhe revealed his guiltiest pleasure is "fridge-foraging before bed." When asked when he was happiest, meanwhile, Gleeson replied simply, "It's ongoing." As for what single item would improve his quality of life, the Irishman deadpanned "a bidet." 


Evidently, flashing the cash doesn't suit him. The Comey Rule star might have portrayed Donald Trump himself, he of the golden toilet fame, but Gleeson holds family and home closest to his heart. To that end, Celebrity Net Worth estimates he's banked around $4 million to date which, although it may seem low for an actor of his considerable caliber, speaks to how much of a regular guy Gleeson continues to be.