Poll Reveals Shocking Difference In Sympathy For Meghan And Harry In UK Vs US

We all watched the Meghan and Harry interview on Sunday night and learned a lot more about what was going on behind the scenes with their exit from the royal family. Many felt deeply saddened when Meghan revealed she didn't want to be alive things got so bad in the tabloids. Even worse was when she shared how she tried to get help, but was denied.


Based on this admission and more — such as that Archie's skin color was questioned before his birth by an unnamed member of the royal family — one might think everyone now feels more sympathy for the couple. But it turns out how much sympathy you have for Harry and Meghan depends on which continent you live on. In a fascinating new poll, we learned that viewers in the United States have a very different takeaway from the Oprah Winfrey interview versus those across the pond.

Which citizens are more likely to feel sorry for the soon-to-be second time parents? The answer will likely shock you.

How sympathy differs across the pond for Harry and Meghan following their interview

According to Page Six, a YouGov poll that surveyed over 2,000 Americans found that almost 70 percent who either watched the interview or read about it feel sympathy towards Harry and Meghan. Meanwhile, 35 percent feel a lot of sympathy for them.


These stats vary drastically as compared to British citizens who were surveyed following the CBS tell-all. Consider that just 12 percent have a lot of sympathy for the ex-royals, and a startling 33 percent do not feel sympathy for Harry and Meghan whatsoever. Ouch.

Another interesting piece of data to emerge from the poll is that about 20 percent of people surveyed in both countries feel no sympathy for other members of the royal family.

Interestingly, as ratings reveal millions of people in both countries watched the interview, The Washington Post notes that like in the US, the media in the United Kingdom can talk about almost nothing other than the chat in the days following the telecast.