The Design Show Taylor Spellman Was In Before One Week To Sell

Taylor Spellman is taking New York by storm. The girl boss is inspiring other women to achieve their career goals with her interior design series One Week to Sell. The HGTV show revolves around Spellman and her female employees. The women work and play together as they set out to remodel and style homes while turning a profit in a male-dominated industry.

Spellman is one of the most talented women on television, and she's got the mindset to back it up. Viewers often watch as she works her magic to revamp homes and quickly get them on the market. She also knows how to style a space so that it's photographed to its full potential to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Owner's Mag reports that the designer has built a huge following on social media and has worked alongside some high-profile clients such as Ryan Serhant of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. Her business is doing so well that she's estimated to handle more than $30 million in real estate on a daily basis. "I've been very hard at work for the past ten years, hustling, and trying to make a name for myself," Spellman told the magazine.

While fans may love watching Spellman work her magic on One Week to Sell, the series certainly isn't her first experience on television.

Taylor Spellman starred on this short-lived Bravo series

Taylor Spellman burst onto the real estate scene in 2016, when she teamed up with wealthy entrepreneur Reza Farahan (Shahs of Sunset) to star on the Bravo series Yours, Mine or Ours. The duo helped couples who planned to move in together decide where they should live. Spellman and Farahan offered up their expert advice on whose home would be better to remodel for cohabitation, or if the couple should look for a new home altogether.

Spellman shared remodeling plans for both parties' homes, while Farahan presented them with interesting properties on the market. The series only lasted one season, but it helped draw attention to Spellman's interior design business and eventually led to her own show, One Week to Sell.

According to Bravo, Spellman is a Connecticut native who majored in business at Fordham University in New York City. She moved to the Big Apple with dreams of becoming a dancer but found a new passion in interior design. While Spellman's style may appear to be high-end, she loves finding deals and often frequents flea markets looking for hidden gems that just need her "Taylor touch." Her shrewd eye, no-nonsense attitude, and powerful personality are among a few of the reasons fans continue to tune in to see what she'll create next.