Here's What Doja Cat's Say So Really Means

To know Doja Cat's "Say So" is to love it, whether singing to it at the top of your lungs in the car or jamming to it while Sunday cleaning. It's no secret that many people are obsessed with the bubblegum pop-tinged song, but if you've never paid much attention to the lyrics, you're in for a surprise. With some fans realizing they've been singing the song wrong this whole time (via PopBuzz), and others shocked at its meaning, there's a lot more to "Say So" than meets the eye.

From the beginning of the song, Doja Cat sings, "Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment / I'd let you had I known it, why don't you say so?" which means that she wants her man to stop playing with her emotions, and tell her what he really feels (via Billboard). The singer clarified the true lyrics on Twitter, shocking users. One fan tweeted, "I honestly don't know what i've been singing this entire time, but i can guarantee you it has not been this." That being said, the meaning is all about clarity within a relationship.

The singer continues with, "Didn't even notice, no punches left to roll with / You got to keep me focused; you want it? Say so" which means that she'll only stay interested in the relationship if her boo is straight up with her – if not, she won't "even notice." 

Such a good burn, to be honest. 

Everything you need to know about the meaning behind "Say So"

As the song moves forward, Doja Cat emphasizes how important clarity is to her, and that if she's not getting it – she's out. She sings, "It's been a long time since you fell in love / You ain't coming out your shell, you ain't really been yourself" (via Genius) which gets to the nitty-gritty of her S.O. having commitment issues. Even though she's "good at reading" and "wouldn't bug" her man if he didn't want anything to do with her, Doja explains that it's him that "won't stop cheesin" so she has to confront it.

The singer is crystal clear in the relationship goals, singing, "We can dance all day around it / If you frontin', I'll be bouncing." In essence, if he keeps playing it cool, she's leaving forever. All she wants is for him to "scream it, shout it" if he wants her, if not, she'll "leave [him] dry." Yup, pretty clear!

The singer later highlights how out of this world she is – and her man notices it. "He ain't ever even been impressed like this," means he might be playing it off, but he's very into her. She wants him to "take it, own it, steal, it fast" and really wants to know why he's "acting shy." She really asks the important question towards the end of the last verse: "Why you beating 'round the bush knowing you want all this woman?"