Here's What Jeff Daniels' Net Worth Really Is

Jeff Daniels has created a lucrative career for himself during his time in Hollywood. The 66-year-old Godless actor got his start in 1980 with a small role on the popular television series Hawaii Five-O. His early film credits include such notable titles as Ragtime and Terms of Endearment. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Athens, Georgia native realized he loved acting while performing at the Eastern Michigan University drama school. 

As he pursued his dream job over the ensuing decades, Daniels wracked up credits on the small screen, silver screen, and the stage. "As my career marched on, I appeared in over seventy films, numerous television shows, returned again and again to the theatre, and am currently riding a string of once in a lifetime roles in Newsroom, Godless, Looming Tower, The Comey Rule, and a year-long run on Broadway as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird," the seasoned actor shared on his personal website

His versatile work helped him amass a fortune while chasing his passion. The actor wracked up several awards nominations over the last forty years. This year Daniels' Golden Globes outfit created quite a stir online during the virtual awards ceremony because of its endearingly casual nature. He competed for Best Actor in a Television Motion Picture for his role in The Comey Rule, and Emmy Award winner Mark Ruffalo took home the honors for his acting in I Know This Much Is True, CBS reported. However, Daniels won the hearts and minds of fans from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeff Daniels is a musician as well as an actor

Jeff Daniels' net worth never had to be split due to a divorce because he and his wife, Kathleen Rosemary Treado, created a long-lasting marriage, Celebrity Net Worth reported. The couple wed in 1979, which was before his first acting credits in 1980. They had three children together — actress Nellie Daniels, actor Lucas Daniels, and Ben Daniels. 

In addition to acting, Daniels released two albums titled "Alive and Well Enough" and "Days Like These," and according to his website, music is his true passion. Although the Dumb and Dumber actor has written several songs, Daniels has yet to write a book, sharing, "Sometimes I'm asked if I'll ever write a book, and I always answer that I already have. It's in my songs." 

Throughout his time in show business, Daniels built a fortune totaling an estimated $45 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and he's paid an impressive $150,000 per television episode. The actor revealed that he'd worked more in this decade than in any other time in his career, which isn't what he learned in, what he called on his website, "Star School."