A Surprising 13% Of People Choose This Person As Their Favorite Makeup YouTuber

When you think of beauty YouTubers, a few names come to mind: Tati Westbrook, Nikki de Jager, and Jeffree Star. These three beauty gurus are ranked as the best because they're the go-to's for all things hair, skin, and beauty, according to Ranker.

James Charles, specifically, has the most influence in the beauty community, Vogue reports. So, it's not surprising that our survey revealed that 15.18% percent of respondents choose Charles as their favorite makeup YouTuber. But, what is shocking is that the beauty community chose Laura Lee as their second favorite makeup Youtuber.

According to our study, 13% of respondents select Laura Lee, a makeup YouTuber, as their favorite. Unlike Charles, Laura Lee is not the beauty community's obsession, according to Vox. Yes, she has her makeup line and has collaborated with brands such as Colourpop, but she's surrounded by so much scandal, Revelist reports. This leaves the question: how does Laura Lee still have influence?

Laura Lee is still a big influence in the beauty community

In 2018, Lee's collaboration with Colourpop, Morphe, Ulta, and other brands were severed after controversial and offensive tweets were dug up and strewn across the internet, according to the Revelist. But, the scandal hasn't stopped her from conducting business as usual, and her influence over the beauty community doesn't look like it's ending anytime soon.

She's still one of the most popular beauty stars on YouTube. At this time of writing, she has 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Not to mention, she has high-profile partnerships with TooFaced, Violet Voss, Mac, and Benefit Cosmetics.

The truth is: whether it should be admitted or not, Lee is still a big influence in the beauty community. And now, she's moving onto fashion, according to PR News Wire. In late February, Lee announced she's launching a fashion brand, Nudie Patootie, which will sell loungewear, sweaters, slippers, and other apparel, PR News Wire reports.

According to PR News Wire, Lee said that launching her fashion brand was only possible because of her fans' support, social media presence, and makeup brand. "A lot of YouTubers have tapped into makeup lines and merch and I think many more fashion lines will be upon us in the coming years," Lee said. "I can't wait to see what the future holds. I am looking forward to supporting my fellow social media friends on their entrepreneurial journeys."