Whatever Happened To Temptation Island's Kaci Campbell?

Kaci Campbell may not have gotten the happy ending she was searching for when she and her now-ex-boyfriend, Evan Smith, signed on to appear on the fourth season of USA's Temptation Island but years later, after working through the heartache she felt after Smith engaged in a new relationship with their co-star, Morgan Lolar, she's glad that their on-again, off-again relationship is off for good (via Metro).

After telling her fans and followers on Instagram after the show wrapped that she was "thankful" that her relationship with Smith came to an end during filming and noting that the outcome was "exactly what [she] needed to happen," Campbell said she was "genuinely happy [and] thriving" post-split (via Digital Spy).

At another point following her time on the USA reality show, via Newsweek, Campbell appeared on a podcast, where she admitted to being unfazed by Smith's proposal to Lolar. "To be honest, it was funny because I already knew I was over it, but when I found out that he proposed to Morgan and I was totally OK with it, I was like, 'OK, yeah. I'm definitely over this guy. I feel nothing,'" she admitted. "He got engaged to a girl he's known for five months and I literally am OK right now. Like, this is a sign."

Kaci Campbell is now friends with Morgan Lolar

While Campbell initially said she hoped that Smith and Lolar's engagement worked out, she later offered support to Lolar when it fell apart. After Lolar appeared on Us Weekly's podcast in April 2020, Lolar admitted it was awful dating Smith and said she was thankful for the friendship she now has with Lolar. Campbell even called out Smith publicly after Lolar suggested on Twitter that he had been unfaithful.

"Is it ever okay for an engaged man to leave his [fiancée] across the country to 'work' but actually has nightly sleepovers with [21-year-old] Instagram models?" Lolar asked in January 2020, noting that she felt like a "dumb***" for getting played. "You're not dumb. You were in love [and] wanted to believe in him," Campbell replied.

In addition to maintaining a friendship with Lolar, Campbell has been expanding her 15 minutes of fame on social media with a private Instagram account, a Cameo account, where fans can request personal videos, and an OnlyFans account, where she shares racy images of herself for her online audience members.