Here's How You Can Watch Every Episode Of Temptation Island

If you're as obsessed with USA Network's Temptation Island as we are, you might just want to watch every episode of the show STAT. Sizzling with jealousy, betrayal, flirtation, and rekindled romance, the show is a seriously-addictive watch. As four couples head to Maui to give the "single life" a shot, with tons of sexy singletons to greet them once they arrive, the series is a social experiment that makes contestants question everything about their relationships (via USA Network). If you live for the drama (we sure do!) then figuring out where to watch all of Temptation Island's episodes is a must — and you don't necessarily need cable TV, either.

Temptation Island season is the show's latest installment that began airing on February 16 on USA Network, and is downright boiling with intrigue. This season follows New Jersey high school sweethearts Kristen and Julian overcoming a cheating past, former pro soccer player Erin and boyfriend Corey who's dealing with insecurities, LA-based Erica and boyfriend Kendal who's still unsure about their relationship 2 years later, and very-flirty actor Thomas and girlfriend Chelsea — yeah, a lot of jealousy going around. If you're looking where to watch the latest season, you actually have several options to choose from. 

The best ways to watch Temptation Island

When it comes to watching season 3, the easiest bet is to watch it every Tuesday night at 10/9c on USA Network. That being said, if you're not able to make it to your TV or don't have cable, there are other ways as well. For one, you can watch Temptation Island season 3 if you have a valid cable log-in on USA Network's website, or on USA Network's app the day after new episodes are released (via Decider).

Don't have access to USA Network's website or app? No need to fret — there are even more options to choose from. Livestream the show on Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, or fuboTV, which all offer free trials to start. Sling TV and AT&T TV offer the latest season 3 as well (via Tom's Guide). 

If you're just as interested in catching up on past seasons, we don't blame you! The previous two seasons are available to watch on Peacock (NBCUniversal's streaming platform), on Hulu, as well as on USA Network's website and app (via Grounded Reason). 

Although the initial three seasons of Temptation Island, which aired from 2001-2003, just might spark your interest too, those are currently not available to stream anywhere (via Romper). We guess we'll just have to settle for the drama of the latest installment, and hope they're revived soon!