How Sofia Richie Really Stays In Shape

Sofia Richie is known for her good looks and perfect figure. While she may have been blessed with great genes — being the daughter of renowned musician Lionel Richie and the gorgeous Diane Alexander (via IMDb) — she also maintains her stunning physique through hard work and perseverance.

The 22-year-old model has been practically under the spotlight since she came into this world. Growing up famous, she's usually under scrutiny for her looks, figure — everything. However, she has a positive outlook on life and doesn't let words or people bring her down. "I always live by having fun and never taking things too seriously," she told Grazia. "I know that everyone has this perfect image that they have to uphold, but I think that you'll live a happier life if you just smile more and have fun."

Richie has been into health and fitness ever since she started modeling for renowned brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. She is also well-known for posting her workout routines and diet on social media, and fans have been able to get a glimpse of how she sculpts her taut tummy and washboard abs. If you are curious, then let's take a look at how Sofia Richie stays in shape.

Sofie Richie hires professional trainers

Obviously, money is not an issue for Sofia Richie, and that affords her the luxury of hiring professional trainers to help her reach her fitness goals. The fashion designer's trainer, Kevin Mejia, posted an Instagram Story where Richie worked on her legs, arms, and core at the popular Dogpound gym in L.A. (via Life&Style), and her workouts are obviously not for the faint of heart.

The socialite is also a fan of working with fitness guru, Anthony Rhoades, and she often posts their workout videos on her Instagram Stories. Rhoades' also shares his routines for Richie which involve dips and squats for shaping her glutes (per DailyMail).

To keep things fun Richie likes to switch things up by incorporating fun dance routine workouts by Sculpt Society founder Megan Roup that focus on, well, sculpting. The trainer's clients include Victoria's Secret models Elsa Hosk, and Martha Hunt, and Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell (via E! News).

Sofia Richie loves her fruits and veggies

As an avid traveler, Sofia Richie loves to try new dishes and flavors. However, she makes sure that she balances her diet by eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Like her fitness posts, she also likes to show off her delicious food choices on the gram. Salads and smoothies are her go-to meal and drink, but occasionally, she wants to reward herself with some sinful meals (via Beauty Crew).

Beauty Crew broke down her Instagram posts to reveal what a typical day of eating for the model looks like, and it all sounds delicious. For the first meal of the day, Richie loves scrambled eggs on toast and a hot cup of tea. She also loves antioxidant rich blueberries in the morning. But when she's feeling indulgent, she'll have pancakes and bacon.

When lunchtime rolls around, Richie's choice of meal is a salad. She mixes it up with kale, arugula, and spinach — pairing the greens with tomatoes, salmon, and cucumbers, then drizzling it all in a vinaigrette dressing.

For snacks, she prefers green juices made of various healthy ingredients like lettuce, parsley, and apple, to name a few.

Richie loves to have dinners at restaurants with friends or family, and she usually goes for carbs like pizza and pasta, but when she's at home, she opts for lean protein like chicken, paired with plenty of healthy veggies.

Sofia Richie likes to take her dog for walks

Walking is a form of exercise, and Sofia Richie has been taking advantage of it. The social media personality has had her furry friend since 2018. Her ex-boyfriend Scott Disick, who she dated for three years, got her a Dapple Dachshund named Hersh (via Cheat Sheet).

"My boyfriend named her ... I kind of just ran with it," she shared. "It made me laugh. I liked Hershey and he liked Hershela, so it was like a middle ground."

While the former couple named their dog Hershela, Richie calls the little puppy Hersh most of the time. Since the beginning, she has been crazy over her pet and would take him for walks on the beach (The U.S. Sun). "I am obsessed with wiener dogs, so I've just been sitting at home staring at her all day like a psychopath," she jokingly told People.

Whether it's a typical day or on vacation, Richie makes sure to incorporate fitness into her daily routine, and it certainly shows.