What Olivia Ward From The Biggest Loser Looks Like Now

Reality TV series The Biggest Loser appears to have the staying power of stubborn belly fat. And why shouldn't it? America is obsessed with weight loss and has a 72-billion-dollar-a-year weight-loss industry to prove it (via The Atlantic). The show is focused around dramatic weight-loss and is scheduled for a reboot this year, after 16 seasons and a quiet cancellation. Which makes us wonder — how are the previous contestants holding up? The current contestant in the spotlight is Olivia Ward, winner of Season 11.

Ward stands out from the pack because she was one of very few winners in The Biggest Loser's history to have kept the weight off. She is proud of her time at the show, previously sharing, "It was the most life-changing experience I have ever had the privilege of going through. I learned that weight loss happens from the inside out. For the first time in my life I was really working on my body, mind and spirit," (via Huffington Post).

Ward works to help others stay healthy

Presently, Ward seems to keep focusing on her successful trifecta of mind, body, and spirit. And she's helping others do the same by working as a Soul Cycle instructor. "Our riders [receive] an incredible workout, but we work from the inside out. We get the opportunity with each ride to physically tap into our inner athlete while filling our hearts and souls at the same time," she says (via Simply Buckhead).

Ward has stated that her biggest reason for wanting to lose the weight was because she was told she would likely never be able to get pregnant when she was at her heaviest (via Huffington Post). Luckily, her fears didn't become a reality. Today, she is a healthy looking mama to two beautiful sons (via Instagram). While competing on the program, Ward found the three things she needed to focus on for losing and then maintaining a healthy weight. Fingers crossed this new batch of contestants in the upcoming season will find the same!