Here's How To Choose The Dating App That's Right For You

Online dating: Some swear by it, while others are terrified of the concept. In the age of technology, it seems to be the best way to meet your potential new partner or your next good night. But finding the best dating app for you is the tricky part. Your friends tell you to avoid the one, while others swear by it. But the easiest way to figure out the best app is to figure out what it is you're looking for.

For casual or serious dating

If you're over the consistent speed dating and messages left unread, or even if you're ready to get started on the process, there are apps for it. It's time to take a gander at some dating apps you probably haven't tried before.


Debuting in 2012, Hinge originally focused on common mutuals from your own Facebook friends (via Vida Select). Although, soon after, they rebranded to making fully-comprehensive profiles.

From fun questionnaire options and the ability to post all the photos you want, it's a favorite amongst Gen Z and millennials (via PopSugar). You can also hide certain parts of your profile that you may not want someone to see. These include political affiliation, alcohol consumption, what drugs you enjoy, and even if you're thinking about kids.

With their genius slogan "Designed to be Deleted," its goal is to make sure you find your soul mate as soon as possible (via Hinge).


Along with Hinge, OkCupid has more in-depth profiles than most. However, unlike most other apps, they have a lot of questions. They do this to gauge your compatibility with others and make a match-to-enemy ratio for each potential match. Many couples have found their spouses through this app, my own sister included.

For finding the best hookup

If you're not feeling monogamous at this point, there are options online to have a good time. Whether you want a hookup buddy or a one-night stand, these apps are the best for filling those desires.


We all know Tinder and, at some point, we all deleted it only to download it a week later. Almost everyone has Tinder, it's true — it has the largest amount of users on their platform (via Business of Apps). It's easy to use, but make sure you only post the best selfies you have, since the app is very appearance-focused. Unlike other apps, it doesn't have the best compatibility ratio. But, for the late-night hookup, it's perfect.

Plenty of Fish (POF)

Launching in 2003, it's the grandma of online dating. A lot of people are on it and a lot of people are looking for a good time. With over 90 million users and three million new users being added daily, there's no shortage of possibilities (via POF). Along with a large number of users, it has an assessment test to give you the best matches it can. But beware of the bot accounts, because there's also no shortage of those on POF.

For finding true love

If you're ready to find your Disney happily ever after, online dating has evolved a lot for users to find that. However, to find true love in the online dating world, you may have to pay a bit.

While Match launched a free online version, the general consensus is that the paid version is luckier. Remember how I said POF was the grandma of online dating? Well, Match is the great-grandmother, since they launched in the early '90s (via DatingNews). The app comes with a lot of tools to filter incoming messages and helps its users get the most compatible matches possible. A one-month membership starts at around $42, so you gotta be committed to finding a committed relationship (via DatingAdvice).


You've probably seen the commercials circulating the past few months and you may have thought to yourself, is it worth it? This app was made specifically for finding true love with its compatibility interface — no more casual dating! Unlike, eharmony starts with a free trial so you're 100% sure you're ready to take the leap. Although, after that, it can be $60 for a one-month trial (via Dating2You).

For anything

If you're going with the flow and seeing where online dating will take you, there's only one app that fits best.


Some say it's their ultimate dating app for the long-term, while others have found their best friend. Bumble may be the most versatile app, with its different options going in. You can choose whether you're in it for dating, friendship, or even networking (via Vida Select). But, ladies, we gotta make the first move this time. But the good news is that it's the easiest way to weed out the creeps hiding within the app. All the power's with the women.