Why The Pentagon Has Harsh Words For Tucker Carlson

To say that Fox News host Tucker Carlson sets off equally strong feelings between those that watch him and those that don't may be an understatement, particularly when he leans into the notion of making statements that shock, if not stun. Such was the case on Thursday, when Carlson decided to accuse President Joe Biden of "feminizing the military" because the Pentagon had introduced updated uniforms and grooming standards for women (via Insider). Instead of applauding the inclusive action, Carlson decided to take a completely opposite tack, saying "So we've got new hairstyles and maternity flight suits," Carlson snarked. "Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It's a mockery of the US military" (via CNN).

It appears Carlson's misogynistic comment struck the wrong chord with higher ups in the Pentagon, with many, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin expressing "revulsion" over his monologue. A spokesman for the military, John Kirby, said he hoped the controversial TV host would realize the mistake he had made, by saying things  "essentially demeaned the entire U.S. military and how we defend and serve this country" (via CBS). 

Women in the military were offended by Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson's swipe at women in the military resulted in the Twitter hashtag #TuckerisACoward with the military sisterhood demonstrating their true mettle on social media. Leading the pack of critics was Senator Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran with a purple heart, who said "F*** Tucker Carlson. While he was practicing his two-step, America's female warriors were hunting down Al Qaeda and proving the strength of America's women. Happy belated International Women's Day to everyone but Tucker, who even I can dance better than."

Another social media user tweeted a photo of a shot-up fighter plane with the caption: "Remember in 2003 when @TuckerCarlson's A-10 Warthog took significant anti-aircraft damage yet completed the mission and returned to base? Oh wait, that was USAF Col. Kim Campbell."

Then there was this veteran who was made furious not just by what Carson said, but the impact of his words, saying "Imagine all the women in the military right now, who are working night and day to protect this country, to hear the s*** @TuckerCarlson says, now, imagine how they are treated when the asshole @FoxNews MAGA men believe it."

One military member in the twitterverse is now calling on the military to ban Fox News at US military bases because: "The values of Fox News are not aligned with those of the United States military, undermining good order and discipline among the ranks, and devaluing diversity of our service members."