Here's Why Blended Bunch's Erica's Relationship With Spencer Is Rubbing Her Brother The Wrong Way

TLC fans are gearing up for the network's newest series, The Blended Bunch, which follows the lives of Erica Shemwell and Spencer Shemwell and their blended eleven-kid household. Erica and Spencer were brought together after tragedy struck their families; Erica's first husband, Tony, died in 2016 after a years-long battle with brain cancer, and Spencer's wife, Aimee, tragically died in a car accident along with their unborn baby in 2017 when she was just 29 years old, a post on the Shemwell family's blog read.

The premiere of The Blended Bunch airs on TLC on Tuesday, March 16, and the network released a super-teaser earlier this year via YouTube introducing viewers to the newest TLC family. Erica has seven kids: Landon, 12, Emma, 10, Lily, 9, Sophie, 8, Tanner, 6, Amelia, 5, and Caleb, 3, and Spencer has four kids: Brayden, 12, Harper, 8, Avery, 6, and Bexley, 4 (via People). 

Along with Erica, Spencer, and their eleven kids, viewers were also introduced to Erica's brother Quinn, and right away, fans noticed that he's likely going to be a huge source of tension for the Shemwell bunch.

Quinn has some choice words for Spencer

In the trailer for the show, Spencer Shemwell says, "We're adopting the kids," to which Quinn expresses to his sister, "I think about if I died, I don't know if I'd want my kid to have somebody else's last name." That particular comment didn't sit well with some fans, as one YouTube user commented, "Terrible advice to give your sister who is still grieving her dead husband and finally finding happiness for herself and her children." 

However, a separate YouTube user took Quinn's side, writing, "Why would you change the kids last names? Seems extremely disrespectful to their deceased father. He can adopt them but let them keep their names at least. Very strange."

In another scene, Quinn confronts Spencer about his intentions with Erica, saying, "I went through that whole traumatic experience with terminal cancer, and then here's somebody who wants to marry my sister. I mean really, my true feelings is kind of like, 'What are you doing?'" The culmination of Quinn's scenes led TLC fans to firmly take a stance on their feelings toward Erica's brother, with one social media user bluntly writing, "I think that the [sic] Erica's brother is a jerk."

The Blended Bunch premieres on TLC on Tuesday, March 16 at 9 p.m. ET.