What Viewers Get Wrong About Kody And His Relationships On Sister Wives - Exclusive

Reality television is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives viewers some of the most entertaining television experiences, all rooted in some semblance of real life. While a lot of us have to remind ourselves that romance doesn't always look like The Bachelor, having kids doesn't always look like Counting On, and billionaires don't always resemble the Kardashians, reality television really does have its perks.

But when it comes to Kody Brown and his relationships on the hit TLC show Sister Wives, does the camera get everything right? The show is unscripted, raw, and supposedly shows the true realities of plural marriages and familial relationships. But the larger question still remains: does Sister Wives show Kody and his marriages in the most authentic light?

It's a valid question, so we asked it. In an exclusive sit down with Kody, The List got to all the questions that viewers are dying to know about the show, Kody's future with all of his wives, how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted his life, and so much more. But what we were really itching to know was what does the camera leaves out. Is Sister Wives a true reflection of Kody's life? Is Kody's best behavior always shared on screen? Here's everything you need to know, because viewers get some things wrong about Kody and his relationships on Sister Wives.

How does Kody's approach to the show differ from his wives'?

There have been ten seasons of Sister Wives, and according to Kody Brown, he's allowed the viewer to get "closer and closer and closer" with every passing season. He told The List that he's tried to be as much of an open book as possible when it comes to the show, but it's a natural approach that not all of his family and wives have shared. 

"Some of us in the family have been more shy, and some of us like me, my tendency is to let it all hang out," Kody told The List. "Everybody's trying to reel me in because I'm a little too candid and it comes across as cruel. I'm just being honest." It's no secret that Kody's behavior on the show has existed under a microscope, but he told The List that what's captured is the dramatic moments of everyday life. Calling the show "a journey," Kody shared that his intention has always been to show the complexities and relatable elements of a plural marriage. 

"We're a plural family. The plural marriage aspect, the polygamy was such a bad word in society, I guess, culturally an evil," he shared. "As a family, we just said, we have the chance to change the world." It doesn't appear as though Kody's candidness on camera will go away any time soon. 

Kody thinks that Sister Wives is a distilled version of his real life

We honestly can't say how we would truly behave if there was a camera following us during every minute of a day. How can you not put on a little bit of an act? Isn't it human nature to try to present the best version of yourself as much as possible? We asked Kody Brown these very questions, and he told The List that Sister Wives shows just a sliver of his life. 

"It'd be unfair and disingenuous to say it's not a true glimpse into our lives," Kody said. "But you have to take our lives and the percentage of what is basically documented, and then the percentage of that, that is shared with you." Kody explained that the show requires a certain process, that "the most exciting" aspects of life are often the ones documented. While that certainly is not a bad thing, it's important for viewers to remember that a lot of Kody's normal, everyday life isn't captured on camera. 

"We don't script. All we do is make a plan as a family on what we're going to do," Kody shared. "And sometimes we film the planning. So it's real, but it's distilled." Distilled or not, Sister Wives, ten seasons later, is still one of the most intriguing shows on TLC.

Sister Wives airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.