Hilaria Baldwin Gets Real About Breastfeeding Two Babies

Hilaria Baldwin is sharing what she wants to share. A few weeks following the announcement she had welcomed baby number six just months after her son Edu was born, the yogi still has not confirmed how the little girl came into the world. Many outlets are reporting Lucia was carried by a surrogate (via Today).

Regardless, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin is opening up about many aspects of caring for two small babies. After enthusing via Instagram, "We are so in love with our daughter," the mom of six also posted a photo of the two tots together along with a long caption that read in part, "our babies who bring light into our lives — almost like twins, we love you so much."

Now, the Instagram star is getting real about what it's like to breastfeed two babies. And let's just say the experience is not exactly easy!

Hilaria Baldwin suffers from common breastfeeding woes — times two!

"This cow is tired and thirsty," Baldwin commented on her Instagram Stories about the grueling nature of nursing Edu, who is six months, and Lucia, a newborn (via Fox News). She added, "Let me tell you something you might already know. Feeding two babies is no joke. I'm devouring any liquid I can get my hands on."

Indeed, it is not unusual to feel depleted while breastfeeding just one baby, with VeryWell Family noting hydration and rest are key if you are nursing. Consider that breastfeeding moms burn 500 extra calories per day according to Healthline, and it's important to replenish that lost energy. Meanwhile, What To Expect notes breastfeeding mother of twins may burn up to 1,000 calories nursing every day.

As for the rabid thirst Baldwin described, as lactation consultant Danielle Downs Spradlin told Romper, "Babies take in 25 to 35 ounces (sometimes more) of milk each day. That is a ton of fluid coming out of the parent's body." In addition to drinking tons of liquids, she recommends upping your fruit and veggie intake if you're breastfeeding.