Bri Springs Opens Up About Life After The Bachelor

Being on the set of The Bachelor is a bubble. This is especially true when you film the show in the middle of a pandemic since you're not only cut off from the outside world but you are also stuck in one location. Bachelor contestant Bri Springs, who competed for Matt James' heart on the most recent season of The Bachelor, is adjusting to life after the show. Things aren't the same for Bri, who quit her job for the chance to fall in love with Matt only to have her heart broken (via Us Weekly).

Bri made it to Matt's top three before being eliminated following their Fantasy Suite date. Bri was obviously crushed to not advance to Matt's top two. "I can't be upset, or I can't be angry," she said on the show (via Heavy). "But I can be really sad and disappointed and hurt. It couldn't have been all for nothing. It couldn't have been."

Bri said life post-Bachelor has 'been mentally draining'

Bri opened up about how she's been doing in a recent Instagram post. "Life after the show has been full of wonderful surprises," she wrote. "But it has also been mentally draining and there have been times and situations where I've felt defeated." Bri also thanked fans who have shown her "kindness and support," saying, "Your words have helped me along the way, so thank you."

Bri concluded, "Remember to check in with yourself from time to time to see what you need. I made a commitment to myself, to be honest, and stay true to who I am. And this means being present with the ones I love."

Bri may have had her heart broken, but she did at least come out of her Bachelor experience with some good friends. She posted a tribute to them on Instagram for International Women's Day, writing, "While I may not have seen myself at the end of this journey, I walked away with forever friendships with some of the most phenomenal women I was fortunate to meet. I promise to always uplift and support you as we use our voices to be the change we want to see."