Who Is The Bachelor's Bri Springs?

Matt James's Bachelor season is gearing up to be one of the most memorable yet. Not only is James the first Black Bachelor ever, but he's also a newcomer to the franchise, having been plucked from obscurity prior to the show (though he's close friends with several members of Bachelor Nation, however, including Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown). The Bachelor is all about finding love and James seems destined to do just that with a considerable selection of women to choose from. 

32 lucky ladies are vying for his heart, with the first ever Black Bachelor admitting on the premiere episode to feeling "a load of responsibility," (via People). He's excited to show a more diverse love story, admitting to People that his mother is eager for grandchildren. "She wants a basketball team. I'll have a minivan, as many as we can fit," James revealed. It remains to be seen who he ultimately chooses, but the fantastically-monikered Bri Springs certainly has a fighting chance.

Bri Springs is a major overachiever

The official bios for this year's Bachelor contestants are reliably ridiculous, as we've come to expect. Victoria lists "queen" as her occupation, though her bio refers to several business ventures, and Kit describes herself as a "fashion entrepreneur." Springs' bio, meanwhile, is sweetly normal. Her listed profession is "communications manager," though the reference to a mysterious "high-profile social media company" makes it slightly more interesting. 

It notes how the reality star was raised by her mother and grandmother, "who made countless sacrifices to give her a fighting shot at having a successful life" and imbued her with an indomitable fighting spirit. Springs is proud of everything she's achieved in life, however the only thing missing is that special guy. Although the Bachelor star describes herself as "very laid-back" and "someone who is not embarrassed easily," Springs also admits to being the alpha in relationships. 

She's an outdoorsy gal

Outside of work, Springs rarely "spends a weekend indoors," preferring to be outside in nature hiking, spending time at the local park or even at the beach. One day, the Bachelor star would love to live in Kauai, where swimming, hiking, and "eating nothing but sushi" would be the norm on a daily basis. However, Springs also enjoys chilling out too, noting that "brunching" is one of her favorite things to do. 

Her Instagram account is loaded with shots of the California native chilling beachside, attending music festivals, traveling in Europe, and taking a dip in the ocean. Springs seems pretty adventurous, with her bio noting she has two tattoos thus far; "a wave on her left wrist and another on her right rib cage that reads 'thirteen' in Farsi" (she's half-Persian, half-Black, as Springs explained to James during the season premiere). 

The Bachelor star may be Matt James's perfect match

It's noted in her Bachelor bio that Bri hopes to have at least a couple kids of her own some day. James told Good Morning America he wants kids too, as well as someone who's "selfless, honest, caring, compassionate — qualities found in women all shapes and sizes," (via Glamour). During the Meet the Women segment, host Chris Harrison described Springs as a "total package." 

He reckons everybody is going to fall in love with her, describing the San Francisco native as beautiful, smart and "unbelievably sincere." Harrison also gushed that she's a "straight shooter," who "tells it like it is" and "wears her heart on her sleeve" at all times. The Bachelor host even hinted that Springs catches James's eye early on, suggesting she might be as good of a match for him in reality as she seems to be on paper. 

How far is Bri Springs going to go?

In fact, there are rumors circulating that Springs makes it all the way to the end of the process. We know that Springs gets James's highly-coveted first one-on-one date, as Carter Matt reports, which usually signals that a contestant has some staying power on the show. The episode's official synopsis notes, "Matt's adventurous first date with Bri triggers an emotional bombshell between the other jealous women, including Victoria." 

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel reckons she's going to make it to top three. As PopSugar advises, Kimmel previously correctly guessed that Peter Weber would give his final rose to Hannah Ann Sluss, and that Jed Wyatt would win Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season. If you want to know exactly where Springs allegedly places on the show, Reality Steve has you covered but if you'd rather wait and see what happens, do NOT click that link.