There's A Reason You Should Make The Switch To Men's Underwear

You probably see men's underwear a lot when you're in the store. However, there's a chance that you've never worn men's underwear yourself. Maybe you've borrowed a guy's in a pinch, or possibly you find yourself often turning to the undergarments of the man or men in your life. Perhaps you've chosen to stop wearing underwear in the past, but, if you haven't, there are some strong reasons why you should make the switch from women's to men's.

A study of 2,000 people ages 18 to 24 revealed a surprising detail about the type of undergarments women choose to wear (via the Daily Mail). The research showed that both men and women borrowed their partner's underwear over the past year, but women far more frequently borrowed their men's boxers or briefs than the men snagged their woman's panties. According to a HER report, nearly 50 percent of women who responded admitted to borrowing their partner's skivvies. Tommy John found that a complete 58 percent of women believe society should accept women wearing the undergarments men wear.

Here's why you might love switching to men's underwear

Interestingly, younger women found it more acceptable to wear men's underwear than older women, according to Tommy John. Those over 65 felt it wasn't permissible to don their husband's or boyfriends' underpants. While a significant portion of women copped to occasionally borrowing a pair of boxers or tighty whities, only eight percent of those who responded wore undergarments from the men's department exclusively. 

Many women who choose to ditch the panties and go for the briefs appreciate the fit and functionality of the undergarments created for males. "Men benefit from designs that put support and comfort first," said a spokesperson for the fashion firm, Style Compare (via the Daily Mail). Many women chose to borrow their man's underpants because they're more practical and comfortable compared with women's undergarments, which often ride up when you move or roll down at inconvenient times (via HER). 

If you've ever been curious about men's underwear, it seems now is the time to try them out and see if they're for you.