The Fourth Olsen Sister You Never Knew About

We grew up with the Olsen twins in Full House and fell in love with Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically in the new hit series, WandaVision. It seems as though we fall for every Olsen we see, and for good reason. They're all adorable and incredibly talented, but did you know there's a fourth Olsen sister?

It's time to finally meet Courtney Taylor Olsen, the youngest daughter of the Olsen bunch. Like her sisters, Courtney Taylor Olsen keeps a low profile and stays out of the Hollywood limelight. But, she's probably the most private of the bunch since very little is known about her, and she has never been in an interview (via Nicki Swift).

However, we do know some basics! Born in 1996, the Millennial is the daughter of David Olsen and his current wife Mackenzie Olsen. This makes her the half-sister of Mary-Kate, Ashley, and Elizabeth Olsen who's mother is Jarnette Olsen. 

Courtney is best friends with actress Madison Pettis

With over 10,000 followers on Instagram, Courtney Olsen constantly shows social media her love for her friends and family. Many posts consist of her having socially-distanced fun with her group of friends, which includes Cory in the House star Madison Pettis. Speaking of Pettis, the pair have had quite a long friendship, spanning back all the way to 2012.

Unlike her sisters, Olsen doesn't have the acting bug. Some speculated that she had some acting credits in the film YOLO: The Movie, however, directors quickly cleared it up saying that the credited "Taylor Olsen" was actually a guy. So, as far as everyone knows, she hasn't been in front of the camera or caught the fashion bug like her twin sisters.

But there was one moment in 2014 when she walked the runway during New York Fashion Week, so who knows? Maybe we'll be seeing her in the public eye in due time. If not, we still love all the members of the Olsen family.