Emmanuel Acho's Favorite After The Final Rose Moment Never Aired

Following the end of a controversial season, The Bachelor special, After the Final Rose, left many fans with lingering questions. While viewers learned who would take the coveted spot as the Bachelorette next season and the status of Matt and Rachael's relationship today, it appears that an important moment may have been cut in light of time constraints.

Season 25 of The Bachelor chronicled Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell's journey as the final two contestants left with the chance to win Matt James' heart. But, what the cameras didn't show is the friendship, and subsequent tension, between the two women. According to People, Emmanuel Acho shared about the moment that viewers didn't get to see during the Final Rose special. "My favorite part of the one-hour special that was not shown actually," he said in an Instagram video. "[I] was talking to Michelle early on and I could sense the heartbreak over her loss of a former lover in Matt, but I could also sense the despair over her loss of a former friend in Rachael based upon those photos that have surfaced about Rachael."

Apparently, the two sat down on air with Acho and discussed what had happened during and after their season on the show. For the stand-in host temporarily taking the place of Chris Harrison, this moment proved to be a special one in the midst of so many separations.

Michelle Young is the new Bachelorette

The first part of the special revolved around Young and her reaction to being the runner up in James' season. Eventually, Acho spoke with Kirkconnell and her ex-boyfriend as they discussed what happened between them. Then, announcing that Young and former contestant Katie Thurston would be the new face of the show in an unprecedented joint Bachelorette season, Acho certainly had a big night (via People).

As for the fall out between Kirkconnell and Young, Acho continued in his Instagram stories, "Michelle had reached out to Rachael, but had never heard back, and so Michelle was broken over that," Entertainment Tonight reports. "I sensed that over the course of our conversation. So during that next commercial break I reached out to the producers via my microphone and I said, 'Hey, we have to get Michelle and Rachael to somehow reconcile.'"

Apparently, after a night that showed so many cracks in relationships, Acho wanted to see if there was any possibility of people walking away as better friends after they taped the episode. The host asked Rachael to speak with her former co-star and the two sat down to explain how they felt. A powerful moment, Acho dubbed the experience a "beautiful depiction" and said, "I simply sat there and witnessed it and thought, 'If we could see this collectively as a society, we could all grow.'"

While the audience missed the unifying moments, the outlet explains, they didn't have a shortage of drama as they watched James tell his former flame that they couldn't be together in light of the work she had to do.